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Apr 2, 2010


This was Eds little April Fool$ joke on some1 who parked their Escalade right in front of the store.
..more like vandalism homie lol

The infamous shoesfortrade came down to drop off a few kicks and pick up his check. Hes the #1 reseller of Supreme box tees, he would always be the first one in line with like 10 other people ready to buy out all the box tees and literally flip em for $150 a pop! You dam hustla!
laughing about the good o'l days

GANGSTAkev came down to let us know he was finally granted an apartment where he can finally take care of his 3 kids and grow with them. Always happy to see people turn their life around for the better. Feels good to get handed a set of keys.

good people help good people

GANGSTA kev wasn't rockin these heaters, but a few good people from Norcal came all the way down to peep the shop and one of their boys was rockin some denims.

Who said cats from the west coast don't have heat!?

fixie of the day

Couple "sneaker shots" throughout the whole day. Weather is great in Los Angeles, so get off your butts and take the family out.

wmns v-day am 95

Bruce Lee vs All star, who will win?

Chuck Norris ofcourse. Whoevers in charge of Kobes up in Nike, they should really consider making a Chuck Norris Kobe 5 in the near future. Then Niketown should have Chuck Norris himself come in for the release date. (thank me later)
pl avengers vs black supremes
Chuck Norris wins again. Sorry guys!

Is that Chuck Norris coming out of the taxi?!

We appreciate all our good friends we've met through working @ RIF LA. Ya'll honestly keep us going, without you, we are NOTHING.

thanks for keeping us hydrated Phillip!

This is definitely Converse Skates year. Shouts to Jeff for holding it down, please keep up the good work my friend.

Edwin and his lady have been coming by the shop since day 1. They stay supporting Los Angeles, thanks guys for the support!

2001 tres and bred unos, wuh!

Big thanks to the good peoples @ UNDFTD. Can't go wrong with a clean shirt, especially when its free.

Eds personal customer came down to stunt with his RIF pick up, some cool grey xis he copped for $50!

Ed had him hold up his favorite pair shoes in the store which was a pair of FILIPINO PRIDE Adidas.

Support real west coast hip hop! You know how we do, we always support good people. People ask us everyday, "whos that rappin?" Its "Blackhippy". Shouts to Jayrock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Absoul.


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