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Dec 30, 2010


For New Years Eve, we will be open from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM and we will be CLOSED on New Years Day. We just received almost 50 pairs of of new arrivals today, mostly DEADSTOCK kicks, so make sure you check out the website or come by the shop. Remember, its GOODLUCK to be wearing a brand new pair of shoes for New Years Eve!

New Arrivals <-- C L I C K

tons of 10.5-11 sbs...

Dec 29, 2010


This CHILI Loco Moca is probably as rare as a pair of AIR YEEZYs, Aloha Cafe (located on 2nd & Central) only offer it once or twice a month. Good thing they call us when they do have it in, and its a must try if your ever around the area.


This next project that we have in the works is going to be BANANAS! Its taking a lot of time, so we'll be taking snap shots of a few goodies via RIF TUMBLR every week or so. Slow and steady wins this race, FCUK leading.
Dec 28, 2010

#SETBACKS 01/11/11

Heres some footage of MURS, SchoolboyQ, and Kendrick Lamar in the studio listening to some samples from SchoolboyQs upcoming Mixtape titled #SETBACKS which is set to release on 01/11/10. Make sure you grab that on itunes when it drops, you won't be disappointed!

Kendrick stays rockin our PUSHING WEIGHT tee and check out Q rockin our LA CITY LIGHTS tee thats currently SOLD OUT. Bless your closet one day, and come by RIF to pick up some clean tees :)

Dec 27, 2010


We hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend with their family and friends! Hopefully everyone spent it with their family and not at a club or something. Did everybody get what they wanted for Christmas? Maybe a nice pair of kicks?!

Thank you GUY for the Christmas card! shabu shabu when you get back?

Dec 23, 2010


It has been 4 strong years over here @ RIF LA and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon, more like expanding very soon. If there was one thing we've learn from working @ RIF LA, it was all about GOOD PEOPLE HELPING GOOD PEOPLE. From helping all of our consignment sellers sell their shoes, to helping them find their GRAILS, we've met a lot of GOOD people since day 1.

Our philosophy of Good People Helping Good People ties in to all of our supporters donating shoes to our store so we can help the good less fortunate people of Skidrow Los Angeles, its because of you, they don't need to walk around with holes in their shoes or even walk around barefoot.

So it only made sense to put our Philosophy on our 4 YEAR tee and best believe we'll stick to it forever.

4 YR. Good People Helping Good People tee NOW AVAILABLE. $24.00


Just in time for the holidays, one of our close FAM recently opened FHQ in the City of Cerritos (The old Stacks Record Shop ). This is not your typical clothing shop, its a cross between a BMX/Skate/Shoe/Clothing shop all rolled up in one spot. So if your in the CERRITOS/OC area make sure to stop by the shop and let them know that RIF sent you.

18300 Gridley rd. #B artesia/cerritos CA, 90701

Dec 21, 2010


Its almost that time...the malls are packed, trees are decorated, gifts under the tree...but you know us here at RIF haven't even started our christmas shopping but like we tell everyone... RIF is a one stop shop for everyone.

We have shoes for your wife, husband, kids, girlfriends, boyfriends... if shoes isn't what your looking for we have RIF Goods... Shirts, hats, accessories something to put under that christmas tree or stocking stuffers.

We are in full swing of winter and since we jinxed the LA weather... we are now experiencing non-stop rain, today being the 4th day straight.

A little rain never hurt anyone.

Dec 19, 2010

CurT@!n$ - #KILLER (Mixtape)

Our boy Curt@!n$ just dropped a Mixtape titled #KILLER, make sure you bless your ipod with some dope music. He seems to never fail and this mixtape is probably 1 of my personal favorite this year. Must check out "Gorgeous" and "Godbless".

Download Here : Curt@!n$ - #KILLER
Dec 17, 2010


THANK YOU for choosing RIF LA for your holiday shopping needs. Due to the EXTREMELY

HIGH Volume of online sales and instore traffic, your questions and concerns will best be


Thank you again and have a BLESSED Holiday Season.

Best Regards, RIF LA
Dec 16, 2010


After a late night last night we got to the shop bright and early, as you all probably already know our daily work hours extend from that of the normal 12-7pm shop time. Though the doors open at 12pm (12:15 when Edouche works) we are normally up 10am sharp(if not earlier) having meetings, checking orders, answering emails and prepping the shop for the days festivities.

Here's a rare glimpse of RIF's very own Manny fresh bright and early in the morning. Don't be alarmed that's how Manny looks all day long.

Did we mention Manny doesn't drink coffee, instead for his caffeine fix he downs a couple cans of GRAPE Fanta.

Dec 15, 2010


Thank you again for all your patience during the web shop delay from the past 2 days. We appreciate the understanding and kind emails regarding orders and shoes currently in the shop, Edouche was scared. As you all know we are currently under-going major changes not only in store but online and yesterdays setback was a small hurdle in the long race to the TOP.

Although our site was down, it didn't stop many of you from coming down/ buying sneakers/and dropping off consignment and because of that we thank you. Here's what's been going on at RIF...

Bright and early our boy(wants to remain anonymous), who owns one of the biggest sneaker/clothing spots in Socal came through and not only shinned on us with his KOBE VI's but his latest pickup.

Dec 14, 2010


Yesterday morning, during our planned maintenance/upgrade session a small issue arose. This brought down our network, our engineers are working hard to bring back OUR site and have all your shoes and the shoes you are hunting for back online.

Keeping up with the growth of RIF has presented more work then our small team was prepared for with traffic streaming in the THOUSANDS... RIF LA is determined to bring OUR site back with a faster/more updated interface. WE cannot apologize enough for this minor setback. Please be patient... and like our staff in-store works relentlessly for your consignment/customer service needs, so do our network engineers in bringing OUR web-shop back. best regards, RIF
Dec 13, 2010


RIF.LA webshop is currently down for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have cause your shopping experience and pending questions.

Please be patient, the webshop will be fully functional very soon.

best regards

RIF Staff
Dec 10, 2010


HAJIME from Kicks Lab JAPAN flew down for a couple weeks stay to take care of some necessary sneaker business for the store. 75% of what goes on in the sneaker scene happens behind the scenes and overseas, so who ever has a store overseas always has the upper hand ..shouts to our store in Japan, LA AVENUE :). If you've been around the sneaker scene for a while then you might notice Hajime because he used to work @ Greyone yearssssss ago.


Manny, Kelly, and I decided to go to Nike Sportswear's "LA Destroyer" event which coincides with Downtown LA's Art Walk every second Thursday of the month(?). So Nike doing an art show? And yes, they did.

Here's the list of people that participated for "LA Destroyers" campaign.

Dec 9, 2010


Today was like any typical Thursday BUSY as normal...but what makes today more special is it MARKED a mile stone in RIF History. 4 Years...and counting...thank you all that passed by the shop, dropped off gifts and congratulated us, chopped it up and reminisced about the "good 'ol days"

Thank you all that supported us throughout the years... new and old friends and rest assure there's more GOOD DAYS to come.

This was a RIF first. The homie Alexander and his Lady Johanne came through and dropped of a Tres Leche Cake with warm tidings to match. What makes this even more crazy is that its BOTH their birthdays.

Thanks again guys for the CAKE and Happy Birthday to you two.

Dec 8, 2010


Mr. Ziga zhao finally got a 2nd pair of TIFFANYS after he bought his very first pair about 3 years ago. Satisfied customers always come back. Thumbs up?

Dec 7, 2010


Whats all this I've been hearing about a McRIB?!? Ya'll don't know about the McRIF, freshly made in the back by RIFs very own, MannyFRESH.


PURP & YELLOW Nation STAND UP! Big shouts to the LA LEAKERS for making this project happen and they get Wiz Khalifa on the hook saying "PURP & Yellow". Download HERE.

They should of had Skeme and DOM on this track though!

Dec 5, 2010


RIF takes pride in helping the community and as the Holiday season is in full swing its always nice to see individuals that come into the shop and instead of buying shoes( which is always good) bring them in for donations to the needy of SKID ROW.

Leading by example.

Dec 2, 2010


Today was one of those days that blewww past. As soon as we opened the shop it already felt like it was time to close. Sometimes 24 hours isn't enough time don't you think?

Our BOY Jason and his Son LIL' Gucci came through the shop, what makes this photo interesting is that he's rocking more than $300.00 in clothing. Ranging from Supreme, Bape to J's.

Lil Gucci definitely Shining on us( with an ice grill-to match) we needa step our clothing game up. SMH

Good to see you J.


Dec 1, 2010


Wednesdays are ALWAYS our favorite days here at RIF. Although its busy as usual, the madness from the weekend and early week comes to a slow halt towards the end of the evening...