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Dec 8, 2010


Mr. Ziga zhao finally got a 2nd pair of TIFFANYS after he bought his very first pair about 3 years ago. Satisfied customers always come back. Thumbs up?

John, an OG in Little Tokyo, came down to drop off tons of consignment and even found time to gather up a bag full of donations for SKIDROW. You are appreciated brotha.

It was funny because as he was leaving the shop, he bumped into 1 of the homeless people outside walking around and he happen to be wearing a pair of AF1 Mids that he donated a few weeks back. I swear all the homeless people were stuntin today.

Good People Helping Good people

Its good to see old faces when you haven't seen em in like 2 years, both Chris and Israel stopped by to pick up a few goodies. Look how happy Juan is when his friends visit him... awww

Iinuma and Takeshi Yu from CHIBA, Japan... came down to Los Angeles for their Honeymoon and made sure to come by the shop and buy some kicks. See you guys next time! Arigato!

I asked Willie if he knew the famous ANDRE the bum and he said they go way back...back like 10 years. Willie obviously doesn't know that ANDRE low key hates him.

Carlos from BARTON BLOCK came down to drop off his and his crews newest mixtape titled "PLAN B".

Check them out on facebook and make sure to peep a few of their videos on YOUTUBE.

homie Carlos sneaker shot:: varsity red vis

Grub of the day from Aloha Cafe, the best non-japanese food in Little Tokyo. Thumbs up on their BEEF STEW.

Guess who bought another pair of shoes this week, yes you are correct, its MUUUURAD who bought the yellow curb sbs for box price (if you pay over box price for new sbs, you need to stop buying shoes, just saying) I predict these will hit like $200+ in a year or 2.

45 PAIRS of new arrivals for today :: don't sleep SLEEPERS :: Click HERE.

Almost 80% of our consignment shoes are UNBEATABLE when it comes to reasonable pricing, yes we try our best :)

December 9th marks our 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we have a special TEE coming out on 12/18/10, its for EVERYONE whos been down with us since day one. We'll be posting our 4 YR shirt on the blog tomorrow.


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