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Dec 1, 2010


Wednesdays are ALWAYS our favorite days here at RIF. Although its busy as usual, the madness from the weekend and early week comes to a slow halt towards the end of the evening...

Unfortunately the chaos starts ALL over again on Thursday when we start carefully packing your orders, receiving consignment and packing shipments to Japan. :)

Again if we didn't love our Jobs we wouldn't be here. We do this all for the love.

Our boys "The BMW Bros" came through the Shop, seems as if they changed their status from rolling the streets of LA in BM's to Audi's. You tell me if they upgraded?

forget the alarm, their straps will make you think twice.

By the way STOP bringing in SOO many kicks, Murad needs lunch breaks!

Bruce Wayne would roll around in this ...MEANN
NACHO and RYAN from LAX TO JFK came through the shop and chop it up about business and their latest shop collaborations and plans. If you haven't been to their shop in the SOUTH BAY then you are definately sleeping. Not your EVERYDAY skate shop!

Make sure to stop by and let them know RIF sent you. Good seeing you again Nacho.

You know LAX to JFK had to bless us with a few of their newest TEE's. Thank again BRO.

One of my favorites. LAX to JFK X Deadline Collab.

Edouche's Favorite. Reminded him to all his (W)Taps shirts, except with a CALI FEEL

Best of Both Worlds.

Although the Lakers are in a Little Slump. You cant be mad at these "Humidor Kobe V's"

At least the Player who wears the shoes above plays for a team with a better record than the person who plays for the team who wears the shoes pictured below.

WHAT DID WE EAT TODAY:: CHILI from Aloha Cafe, thanks YATO!

Nice Blouse MURAD, at least you have an ILL T-shirt on.


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