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Dec 10, 2010


Manny, Kelly, and I decided to go to Nike Sportswear's "LA Destroyer" event which coincides with Downtown LA's Art Walk every second Thursday of the month(?). So Nike doing an art show? And yes, they did.

Here's the list of people that participated for "LA Destroyers" campaign.

LA Destroyers spray painted on side walks and on the streets around the venue which was an old bank.

To show how dark it was inside...
Without flash...

With flash.

We were able to skip the huge RSVP line thanks to Kelly because she was in the VIP list.

Some of the LA Destroyers...

LA Destroyers' art work.

The guy below did this piece...

The guy above was wearing mismatch pairs of Jordan II's.

David Flores for Casey Veggies.

Casey Veggies.

"VIP" section...
They had food, but it was already ravaged by previous "VIP" people...

Laune was wearing red Supreme blazers which made me and Manny broke our necks trying to confirm if it was Supreme blazers. Haha. But then Laune broke her neck when she saw Manny wearing '99 Bred IV's. Haha.
Too much red here. Haha.

Sneaker circle.
(Clockwise) Kasem, Kelly, Manny, Hassan, Nell, and I.

The guy in the red varsity jacket looks like T-Pain minus the dreads. Haha.

More LA Destroyers...

Nike Sportswear Destroyer jackets. I think you can ID them just like the shoes.

Nike Sportswear x Dunk Hi x Destroyer.

The back part.

Nike Sportswear x Manny Pacquiao x Destroyer.
This is a must have for Pacquiao fans out there, but are you willing to pay the price?
Got the 8 titles on the left arm.

The back part - "Team Pacquiao"

Nike Sportswear x Darrelle Revis x Destroyer.

Nike Sportswear x Brazil National Soccer Team x Destroyer.


Edwin & his friend...

Had to line up again for the photo booth because our first attempt, we weren't even ready and got compromised...
While in line again for another picture, drunk people were arguing over the photo booth because random people just jumps in somebody's picture... Good thing they did not swing at each other while we were there...

Our second attempt on the photo booth.

Anwar Carrots & Joshton Peas.

It's getting really crowded... Time to go.

Spotted this car outside with Hanukkah candle fixture on it.
Well, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.


Zyaire said...

The dude with the mismatch Js is MOwii from the Rej3ctz .. google "Cat Daddy"

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