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Dec 7, 2010


Whats all this I've been hearing about a McRIB?!? Ya'll don't know about the McRIF, freshly made in the back by RIFs very own, MannyFRESH.

the McRIF :)

Guess who's opening in Little Tokyo JAN 2011? They'll be opening literally a few steps away from the shop and on the same side. Keep ya'll posted!

Edouche thinks its GOOD too add positive neighbors on the block...good people helping good people!

You already know HASSAN doesn't play when it comes to Air Force 1s and these DS HATER Lebrons for $150.00 is not a bad deal right? I swear this guy makes me feel like i'm in NY whenever he comes in all SWAGGED out.

@itLOCKZ is not shoe head who doesn't sleep on deals over here at the shop. Looks like hes holding his SOUTH BEACH's like a baby, $200 for a VNDS pair is not bad... good pick up my friend.

Mannyfresh not only loves shoes, but he also got into dancing so don't be surprise when you see him practicing his dancing moves in the store. He wears his famous PINK glove to get more into it.

Who wants to battle? - Mannyfresh

Mr. Wu aka creator of FAN PHONE, you'll see what I'm talking about very soon and ED big chillen holding down the parking lot.

One of our favorite customers and consignment sellers, Mr. Feld came down to chop it up about how EFFED up the whole school system is right now. Schools might not exist in a couple years!?!? He teaches 3rd grade in South Gate and he said he'll make sure to have a school field trip for the kids and come out to the shop very soon.

BUNCH of New Arrivals came in today :: Click HERE.

People look better at night right?


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