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Dec 10, 2010


HAJIME from Kicks Lab JAPAN flew down for a couple weeks stay to take care of some necessary sneaker business for the store. 75% of what goes on in the sneaker scene happens behind the scenes and overseas, so who ever has a store overseas always has the upper hand ..shouts to our store in Japan, LA AVENUE :). If you've been around the sneaker scene for a while then you might notice Hajime because he used to work @ Greyone yearssssss ago.

Carl not only attracts women to the store but he also attracts fellow dogs that roam around the streets of Los Angeles. Maybe its the hair?

Theres a benefit of working right across the market, theres also a benefit when you have a homegirl working @ the market. $1.00 for ERRTHANG? why not! Everyone gets to eat!

Not my favorite Sole Collector Nike shoe, maybe my 3rd favorite? First being the Sole Collector 95 and 2nd being the Sole Collector dunk high, nonetheless every single one was pretty DOPE. I remember the pictures clearly of the NY line when cats were camped out in the heavy COLD @ss rain! You got some pretty die hard shoeheads in NY and they make up like 50% of our sales :) thank you guys!

instore only: $120.00 size 10 (WORN, PRE OWNED) 1st come, 1st serve

Edwin & Chris from TEAM AM.FAM also from CAC (Cheap Ass Crew) stopped by to do a little deal. Proud to be from CAC!

am.ONE x am.NINETY

ONLY the older shoe heads would know about these shoes, Terminator DIRKs ..only released @ UNDFTD and retail was $250.00.

sz 9 DS $OLD for $118.00 @ RIF LA! Shipped to CERRITOS!

very dope wu-tang tee x very dope aj 1s

a.j.k.o's will go up soooon.

moorad aka SAMPLE SB KING. Someone want to top him in that category?

these warhawk 90s broke everyones neck today:

valentines am.NINETY

black.gold DMP.6s

aj space jam.ELEVENS

hi-chews do a body good...100% fruit.. sike!

thanks booby for this little early christmas present you dropped me off! He knows the GAMBLER in me!

Burger Kind on Alameda is the only one where you can walk through the drive thru, JUANeats takes advantage of it almost everyday...

Mooooooorad PUSHING WEIGHT @ Burger King, more like PUTTING ON WEIGHT. Burger King is bad for you, I would never feed this to my kids.

Everyone be stepping up their menus, McDonalds brings that the McRIB, Carls Jr offering the hand breaded chicken tended and now BK got some RIBSSSSSSSS!? WTF, next thing we know it Jack in the Box will start making FILET MIGNON Burgers!


O yea, we got some new arrivals today, soooo Click HERE.


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