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Dec 15, 2010


Thank you again for all your patience during the web shop delay from the past 2 days. We appreciate the understanding and kind emails regarding orders and shoes currently in the shop, Edouche was scared. As you all know we are currently under-going major changes not only in store but online and yesterdays setback was a small hurdle in the long race to the TOP.

Although our site was down, it didn't stop many of you from coming down/ buying sneakers/and dropping off consignment and because of that we thank you. Here's what's been going on at RIF...

Bright and early our boy(wants to remain anonymous), who owns one of the biggest sneaker/clothing spots in Socal came through and not only shinned on us with his KOBE VI's but his latest pickup.

gotkix?: UNRELEASED Sample "Dizzee Rascal" AF1

Are these 1 of 1s? We aren't even sure.

That red leather lining is just beautiful...

SO TRUE, this should be EDOUCHES motto.

steaming pile of chocolate located on the heel:

Personally not an AF1 Collector, but this is probably 1 of the gems you need in your AF1 collezione.

As stated above RIF is never not working in the past 2 days we received more than 80 pairs of consignment. Majority online not all :) We need to show love to those that trek into the store.

For New Arrivals, please Click HERE.

sb lows :::

Everything is on a first come first serve basis. Understand the consignment game and please refrain from calling the shop angry and asking why we don't have a full size run of 99 IV's.

Shouts to Rome @ HALL of FAME LA for holding HEFFE down on the NY coloway LA Fitted w/green under-bill.

What makes this hat even better is the colorway. Hall of Fame used the NY Yankee blue and twisted its logo with the LA Dodgers Logo.

We here at RIF are trying to make it a healthier 2011 and Patrick B. is making it a perfect start with his homegrown avocados aside from his other Greens that are also home grown. Good to see you again PAT.

J-Hustle decided to grace us with his presence. It been a minute since he's stepped into the shop. You can usually catch him at the Beverly center hustling watches, glasses, purses...

Good to see you J. Hustle stay grinding. Is that Fat Joe!?

J. Hustle thought his piece looked better on the Boss, but you already know Jeff can care less about fancy things like jewelry and watches.

"People actually wear these things?" - Jeff

what jeff wore today: penny 2s

Guess who came back after a 4 month hiatus? GANGSTA KEV. He's not only off the street in a SOBER LIVING Program, but has found a new lady friend, this time it looks serious.

We are not only HAPPY but PROUD of this DUDE. No more rocks on the RIF Counter. If you happen to stumble upon this post Gangsta KEV, Stay up and we proud of you!

In retrospect its not us here at RIF that help the less fortunate, but individuals like the one below that DONATE and help those that needy. We simply play the catalyst to those that are hopeless and give them what they don't have.

Homie from Gardena got love for LA and the less fortunate.

Cinco De Mayo samples???

And to wrap up this HECTIC Wednesday, your very own JON-REE came through the shop and dropped off a little present.


thank you again ALL for you patience.

RIF is BACK and we are staying on top of all your Holiday orders!!!


ebayboy aka aminazn said...

dizze rascal sample af1's

Dcypoe said...

haha, looks like i wasnt the only one to cop multiples of that dodger fitted with the green underbill...what size did you cop?

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