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Dec 29, 2010


This CHILI Loco Moca is probably as rare as a pair of AIR YEEZYs, Aloha Cafe (located on 2nd & Central) only offer it once or twice a month. Good thing they call us when they do have it in, and its a must try if your ever around the area.

BBQ Ribs & Chow Fun ..RIF APPROVED.

Mr. Feld came by and brought along his nephew Bradley, remember he was the miracle baby we posted months back. I see Mr. Feld is still spoiling him!

baby cool grey xis ....icey

Seems like its been "THROW IT IN THE BAG" days @ the shop ever since December started and NYE is right around the corner. Did you know its goodluck to be wearing a FRESH brand new pair of kicks for New Years Eve? I plan on breaking out something really nice for that day, what do you plan on rockin? Better yet, send over a picture of your New Years Eve kicks and we'll post it up that night! email: RIFLOSANGELES@YAHOO.COM

Well, well, well look who's here today to keep us company. If you don't know then you better catch up in this industry. OG Zee, the man behind TANTUM.

Big shouts to Edgar for the Dissizit hoodie and also shouts to George for the HUGE Gift card :) Ya'll are the best!

You know Ed loves himself some loafers, Mr. Lee came by today to drop him off a nice fresh pair for Christmas. These are easily like $250+!? All about giving, thanks yall!

Our blog is kind of different compared to others, we don't post shit to be COOL, we don't post shit to show that we know CERTAIN people, we don't post shit to try n brainwash you, we don't post shit to make money, we don't even post shit to show off, we don't care about any of that crap. Its a daily blog about our store and all the great people we've met through the process. Just thought I'd make that clear....

Anyways, the homie MEKA was in town for the holidays and he finally made his way to visit our shop. He happens to run 1 of my favorite websites that I go on every morning and night, the only website you need for anything HIP HOP music related: 2DOPEBOYZ.COM

If ya'll ever wonder where we get all of our music from, its from 2dopeboyz, and its all FREE.

DMP 6s are on the way bro!

Sneaker Gods AL contributing to the GPHGP cause... thank you sir.

If you waste your time on Twitter and you follow us, then you know we always give out little deals here and there..STRICTLY for our supporters. We always have to find a way to give back to people who truly support us. Today we tweeted:

"If you purchased our 4 YEAR #GPHGP tee and you need a COOL GREY 11 for RETAIL, please let us know and we'll take care of you (TODAY ONLY) #ONLYSUPPORTERS "

Handful of people took advantage ofcourse so if you don't want to miss out next time, maybe you should follow us on Twitter: HERE.

postal man perjean took advantage!

We stay eating GOOD at the shop, for dinner, Murad and Juaneats made a trip down to Philippes to grab some French Dipped Sandwiches. This is another MUST if your ever near RIF because they are literally 5 mins away!!!

The wait can be crazy long, but its well worth it!


Murad said at least its better than waiting for some shoes outside of HOH.
potato salad, don't mind if i do ...

In 10 years we will have the same kind of picture up @ the shop but it'll be EDOUCHE!

double dipped ::


white supreme lows(10.5) that jeff will be putting up for $200 tomorrow...



will x hassan

thou shall not wear fake shoes in the store, especially black/black aj 11s...



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