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Dec 9, 2010


Today was like any typical Thursday BUSY as normal...but what makes today more special is it MARKED a mile stone in RIF History. 4 Years...and counting...thank you all that passed by the shop, dropped off gifts and congratulated us, chopped it up and reminisced about the "good 'ol days"

Thank you all that supported us throughout the years... new and old friends and rest assure there's more GOOD DAYS to come.

This was a RIF first. The homie Alexander and his Lady Johanne came through and dropped of a Tres Leche Cake with warm tidings to match. What makes this even more crazy is that its BOTH their birthdays.

Thanks again guys for the CAKE and Happy Birthday to you two.


Heffe making sure we all gonna eat.

RIF Slice.

Even Edouche had his peice.

Its been 1 year since Manny has been interning here at RIF. But he's no longer an Intern, he moved up to The Janitorial Services' Manager/ Inventory Manager and wing man for those dudes that need a little extra help.

We here at RIF let everyone EAT. The homie "homeless" Willie had his slice.
Good People, Helping Good People.

The homie Emil came all the way down from Washinton D.C. to peep the shop and chat it up about the sneaker BIZ. Real Chill dude, nice meeting you Emil.

Follow him on Twitter @isneakr

We are fully stocked with our Nike Skate Boarding section. Make sure to click the link and don't sleep.

The homie Jay came through the shop and picked up a few Tee's... always showing some love.

Good to see you Jay.

For FOUR years Jeff has been sitting on this seat, Grindin...but soon you wont be seeing him as much...we have BIG Plans 2011.

Thank you again for all your support and love and gifts today. Please stay tuned with our 4 year anniversary shirt.

with respect,



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Congrats to you guys

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