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Dec 2, 2010


Today was one of those days that blewww past. As soon as we opened the shop it already felt like it was time to close. Sometimes 24 hours isn't enough time don't you think?

Our BOY Jason and his Son LIL' Gucci came through the shop, what makes this photo interesting is that he's rocking more than $300.00 in clothing. Ranging from Supreme, Bape to J's.

Lil Gucci definitely Shining on us( with an ice grill-to match) we needa step our clothing game up. SMH

Good to see you J.

Aside from seeing the usual faces we received a large amount of consignment ALL at great prices. Click Here (don't sleep)
But what was most interesting about today were the friends and customers that came to the shop. Here's why...

The homie BEN came through the shop and showed us his newest tattoo, and this is bringing love for MJ to a whole other level.

And to match BEN's MJ tat... he has every Nike Jordan shoe tatted on him, can you see it?

Guess who's who?

More shining, Tiffany Dunk SB's simply the most HYPED Dunk of all time. Nice colors matched with different textures...We had 15 pairs at one point ranging from Deadstock to used. Unfortunately we are all SOLD out.

Who would of known these dunks sell better than Supreme Dunk Hi's?

Make sure to drop by the shop this weekend and please feel free to email or call the shop for any inquires and we will be more than happy to answer any and ALL your questions.

And remember all shoes are on a first come first serve basis. DON'T Sleep.

Happy Holidays.



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