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Dec 17, 2011

RIF LA Winter Line

Our RIF Winter Line dropped today and MannyFRESH and Moorad were more than happy to model all of our new designs.

We have our GPHGP 5th Year Anniversary design in a Navy or a Charcoal grey hoodie.

Dec 11, 2011


Five years ago on December 9th 2006, La Ave. Japan decided to venture out of their comfort zone of Japan and enter a territory already occupied by some of the TOP sneaker shops in the USA. Although LA. AVE had a firm grip on Asia and European countries, coming to the US was another story. Where sneaker boutiques have established their own clientele and culture. LA. AVE decided to gamble and set up shop in Los Angeles CALIFORNIA, RIF LA.

December 9th 2011. Marked our 5th year anniversary and to our surprise friends, family and customers alike flooded the RIF doors (easily over 200 fam members) and celebrated a milestone in RIF History.

Without all our Supporter, friends and family we met along the way RIF LA would never here.

THANK YOU ALL we are not only humbled with the thanks and praises but we are more motivated to give you ALL the BEST SERVICE, and PRODUCTS this culture has to offer.

with respect and LOVE,

Jeff, Ed and RIF FAM


Dec 6, 2011


We would like to invite everyone to come celebrate RIF LA's 5th Year Anniversary on 12.09.11. When we say everyone, that includes all of our supporters, sellers, customers, friends and family. This isn't no industry party so please leave your egos at home, just good people celebrating with good people. We rarely ever throw parties or events, so we'd love to see everyone under one roof. Also for all the shoe heads attending, make sure to rock your kicks!!!