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Dec 15, 2011


thank you Mr. Tantum!

Instead of raffling 1 pair of true blue 3s, Ed ended up getting drunk enough to raffle a 2nd pair out of no where!

s/o to DJ Vandle on the 1s & 2s...
Ed making sure his close friends are on the way...

Andre The Bum was our doorman for the night, rockin our MO SHOES MO PROBLEMS tee thats releasing this Saturday....

Speaking of new tees, we had part of our RIF Winter Line of tees on display during the party, but nothing is available until this Saturday!
I was honestly not expecting to see the legendary DJ Clarkent in the building, he was mad cool and we chopped it up a little bit. Thanks for celebrating with us brotha!

ALI & Plunkett you thirsty on Twitter~!

Manny & Murad:::

justin carag flew in from Hawaii to celebrate with us!

Edwin was RIFs bartender for the night

it was getting a little too packed inside, so outside was chill

RIF supporters
RIF supporters
RIF supporters
paula and co.

everyones f*cked up!
even lennard and bobby was in the building, more like halfway in the building!

thirsty hendy lol

blocking 2nd street traffic...

See ya'll at the next party! Dec 9th 2016. #RIF10YEAR !!!


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