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Sep 29, 2009


This is a NO NO, do not stuff your shoes with hard @ss paper, reason is because it will make the toe box all effed up.

This is definitely a NO NO, do not stuff your shoes with fast food paper bags. Bet homie ate his cheese burger real quick and said, dam these rayguns look beat..maybe I should stuff it so it can look vnds...gross man!

Anyone wanna copp my vnds pair? size 11!

I went to the back stockroom to pull out more shipping boxes and right when I came back to the front, I seen this posted on our wall right above our computer! Sneaky, sketchy lookin dude..feel free to call him!

" grab one "

My customers really know me well, one customer brought me some starbucks, a customers mom brought me some red whine, and another GOOD customer brought me a little surprise, do you c it?
oooo yea, guess who called?!? Selling his whole collection?!?
dam.. and i got some fresh tamales today, thanks bryan!

free pinkberry too? sure why not lol
DEAL of the day, a beautiful pair of STASH bws finally came in our store again, we haven't had a pair of these for a YEAR now! size 10 worn (excellent) $350, grab em before its gone.

Make sure to hit up theshoegame.com tomorrow for more detailed pictures of these babies.

My prayers go out to the people in Philippines who were affected by the TYPHOON. A lot of people don't know what I'm talking about, so please head to this website and possibly make a donation, anything helps! PHILIPPINES RED CROSS
Sep 25, 2009


Swing by the shop this weekend and treat yourself out to some fresh kicks! We just received a decent amount of shoes yesterday, ALL priced LOWER than ANYONE.




Sep 22, 2009


Its been a couple months since we first blogged about Tirons music video being shot @ RIF for his latest single "Throwing My Money". The music video is finally done and here it is below for your viewing pleasure. The video turned out great! much props to Tiron, their whole team and the Directors, Carey Williams & Aurelio Mitjans.

Thank you for the opportunity and choosing our store to shoot the video, greatly appreciated!

Sep 8, 2009


Eric Oyama

Today is the first day we work as a family WILL you help a friend in need? Forget your new kicks for the weekend, the new fit your going to COPP this weekend. Forget your allowance, the money you got from MOM's for the weekend. We are going to SAVE someone's LIFE...TOGETHER we are going to help OUR friend ERIC OYAMA.

TODAY, we will be GIVING instead of taking, today we will be sharing instead of hoarding, TODAY we/YOU...will be saving a LIFE.

FORGET about shoes, FORGET about your cloths, FORGET about yourself...

STARTING today, if you are a sneaker head, if you have a HEART... you will be ASKED, you will be OBLIGATED to donate for the ERIC OYAMA fund.

We first met Betty when she dropped in the store with 6 pairs of air jordans to put for consignment, and not everyday you get a Mom bringing in shoes for their children. So we were dying to open the boxes to see what was inside, and it was all heaters, space jams, white cement 3s, 99 black/red 4s, etc. She said for us to price it to where they would move ASAP because she needed money fast to help her son, and thats when she told us the whole story. Her son is a huge sneaker collector, who collected jordans for a longtime so Betty and Eric made to choice to sell all his shoes to help fund his fight for cancer. Well, he sold all his shoes at our store, but he's still a lot short from what they need. $1, $2, $5, anything would help. Thousands of our supports hit our blog everyday, and we thank you, now if you can... help us support Eric Oyamas Fight Against Cancer.

Here is something that Erics' Mother wrote:

Eric was a sports fanatic, more so with basketball. He played on several basketball leagues. He also coached a Women’s College Basketball League Team and coached a Little League Team. He enjoyed running as a form of exercise. He ran 9-miles a day, 7-days a week, rain or shine. In mid 2000 Eric was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Both Eric and his family were devastated. We were lead to believe that it had gone into remission upon the completion of his surgery and treatments. Almost a year and half later Eric found out the Cancer is still active because the surgery was not performed properly…the infected portion of his colon was not removed. Since then it has been an up and down battle. He had countless MRI’s, scans, transfusions, surgeries and chemo. Again his Cancer went into remission. The Cancer is back! Treatments only work if they are done consistently. He has no health insurance so all costs are out of pocket. There is no guarantee…life has no guarantees…there is only HOPE!! Cancer is the one thing in this world that does not truly discriminate. No matter your race, religion, sex…no matter if you are completely healthy and active…no matter whether you are young or old. Cancer can come into your life and turn it upside down. Please help Eric turn his life back up and give him hope. We are asking for your help to make a donation. We know that these are tough economic times, so know that no amount is too small and will be greatly appreciated.

We're not asking for everything you have, we're asking for ANYTHING that will help OUR friend Eric.

In the shop we will have a DONATION BOX...and ALL the staff will politely describe the situation at hand, and its up to you to dontate or not.

Also we have provided a " button " below if you would like to Paypal your donations personally to Betty Oyamas(Erics Mother) Paypal.

CLICK button below to donate.


Anything counts when this is your last hope.

Sep 4, 2009


Homeboy below came down to see if he can trick Edouche into taking in some exclusive clear brazil AJ 7s that was only available in Brazil and was only sold at one store! He said the line was longggggg and literally sold in minutes after the doors opened.

I feel like I finally succeeded in taking a clear picture of some1 bringing in a fake pair of kicks, I think I deserve a pat on the back. :)

Would someone really rock these?
Looks like Homer trying to dunk with his 4 fingers lol
So eventually after being silent for a a few minutes, I just blurted out of nowhere " Yea..exclusive hmm...their FAKE bro"

Ed handing this young man his exclusive brazil release aj 7s.
Sep 1, 2009



Representing the West, Eddie Cruz designs a laker theme Air Force 1, with a touch of red on the sole, and purple anaconda material for the uppers.  Personally I don't think I can pull these off, can anyone else?
Representhing the East Coast, we have DJ Clark Kent who designed an Air Force 1 low consisting of patent leather, nubuck, ostrich skin, nothing too crazy.. just nice and clean.  I need to see these babies in person.  I wonder if the sole is more of a dark gold colorway.

Which one would you choose?

info/image: TSG