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Nov 30, 2008


everyonesENEMY bringing the heat!!!

We are happy to share with you guys a pair of Nike Sb Dunk his that have never been released, and will never release.  These are called the "Mint Chocolate Chip" Dunk hi sbs, which were set to release back in Fall 07 and there are only 2 pairs in the world!!!  They are size 9 and come with a ziplock bag along with a FT label.

Feel free to drool, these babies are hot!  I was only able to take 1 nice picture, but feel free to peep them out @ RIF LA because thats the only place you'll see them in person!

CLICK the picture to ENLARGE.

Nov 28, 2008


Hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving with their friends and family. We were blessed with a visit from our good friend Alfredo, who brought us this huge burrito that we all inhaled! Thanks ALFREDO!!!

Jeffs good friend Mike O came back from Georgia, where hes training for " U.S. Customs & Boarder Protection". After training he'll be working back here @ LAX for customs. So whoever has stuff stuck in customs, hit me up! SIKE!

We just received a handful of 9.5 kicks for really reasonble prices, but these will only be available IN-STORE. Vanilla Ice blazers vnds $75, purple avengers $75, True reds $75, Ulrich dunk hi $50, kashima 97 $75, Opium 180 $75, some zoom tre FT samples for $50, etc. Just a little example of whats in there. We'll be posting some random shoes that will only be available IN-STORE on our blog. So definitely be on the look out!

Couldn't make it down to UNDFTD personally, but I did get a surprise right when I came into work. THANK YOU UNDFTD and thanks HALLIE!
Nov 26, 2008


We wish everyone a safe Happy Thanks Giving!!! Also have fun spending all your money at all the places having black friday sales! Be sure to hit up RIF LA!

Nov 25, 2008


Heres a behind the scenes look of YOUNG ROOKS  "Let It Breathe" music video @ RIF LA. The official music video should be done in a couple weeks, so definitely be on the look out. In no particular order.

everyonesENEMY, ianbeezy,LEO (Filmer) and Rodney (Director)


"Hold it, hold it, alright, CUT!"

Video hoe$

"Your music is too loud, its disturbing me!" -OLD DUDE

Homie saids "AND?"

The dude on the right was the one shooting the behind the scenes footage.

Yo YOUNG ROOK, you can use my car any day.
Stay tune for the finished version.

Nov 24, 2008


Monday, time to get to work!  Thank you Kai for my BENTO BOX!  Little Tokyo is the only place to get legit bento boxes.
Nike Sb went all out on the Mosquito Dunk, and I mean all out!

Lance Mountain blazers, aka poor mans black supreme blazers.  These are my #1 SB Blazer of the year, check out the quilted cotton lining.

Oh thanks.

Oh and thanks again.

Enjoy some random pictures I took, while sitting in front of my computer.

Check out my uncles tat on his ankle.  He got it right after he divorced his wife.  Those are real GUCCI sandals by the way, just incase you thought it was by some streetwear brand.

Lastly, our dog CHOWDER.

Nov 22, 2008

WTF is going on?

Saturday morning was crazed. Stayed tuned.

Adam ATT.

Our boy Adam came through this afternoon, not only did he hook everyone up with an ATT discount here at the shop, but he hooked us up with FREE car chargers. GOOD LOOKS Adam.

Nov 20, 2008

never not wanting.

Living up to the American standard of never being content, and always wanting more. Here are a few necessary items that we hope will be in our Christmas stocking this year.

For Jeff... Head Porters NEW Heavy Duty line, so he can keep all his prized reselling notes and contacts in a secure place.

For JB... Fragment Design X Neighborhood bike lock, So he can lock up both his track bikes in style.
For Ed... Bramford and Sons ROLLIE Submariner, so he stops being late to work

For Mink...Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 Spyder or a dude that has one.
And last but not least, Jake...special AGV motorcycle helmet forwhen hes mashing on his track bike from school to RIF.

pics courtesy of HYPEBEAST
Nov 19, 2008


Check out this installation Nike did to promote their Windrunner jacket of 2008.  My cousin Ryan Reyes, plays professional basketball in the PBA for Sta. Lucia Realtos, always doing big things with Nike!  Also, you can catch one of the dudes in the video rocking some tiffanys.

Dont mind the tagalish


Our good friend Angel aka Funkdoctor from Niketalk came by the shop today to show us a pair of shoes from his crazy collection. He pulls out these clean T$ AF1s. I'd personally never wear pink, but these are pretty fresh.

We got a handful of " new arrivals " today, so swing by RIF if you aint doin shit!

Guess what shoe $OLD today for $3030.00, you'll never know. I think lol.
Nov 18, 2008


Tony Ming was in the area eating some shabu shabu, and stopped by RIF to show some love. Check out his vintage nike aj gear!

He said you gotta stay FRESH to get the ladies!

This 7 FOOT Center is now sponsored by RIF LA!