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Nov 6, 2008


The homie Alfredo came down to drop off more shoes to sell, this dude is a true hip hop head, growing up around the same time Pharcyde was on top of things.

Justpudge, Mr.Pudge, Chris, aka PUDGE from LB FUDGE came down to talk about "streetwear politics". He said "Street wear died when it was titled "street wear" NUFF SAID!

Check out that 5 panel! Saem came by!

RIF official.

First retros all DAY HOMIE! Were always stocking the dopest Jordans @ RIF, with prices you can't really argue with.

Sneaker deal of the day. Original PENNY 2s! size 9.5 w/everything $120 ONLY!!!

Lance Feliciano, one of my best friends from back in the day, now a professional drifter! He use to pick me up everyday to go drifting around and I would always be riding passenger playing as the scoring person, "10s all day baby!". Oh yeah and yes his girl is Jeri Lee. HAHA


Pudge said...

like clothes you wear on the street?

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