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May 31, 2013

The Recipe

It's been another busy week as we prepare to end the month of May.  Here's a look at our Jordan wall in the shop, these are undoubtedly the most popular shoes in the shop right now so be sure to stay up on our online store to cop any Jordan's you need.

Don't forget to check out the used section in the two middle columns of the shop, you can find all the steals and even come up on some shoes that should belong in our case.  The used lineup:
South Beach LeBron 8 x Zen Grey Yeezy 1 x Net Yeezy 1 x Tiffany Sb 

These were the members of the RIF team that worked today, they always do their best to make sure we have A1 customer service on the sales floor as well as helping any online customers.

Danny missed the picture cause he was hard at work wrapping shoes in the back.

RIF LA traphouse essentials, The Recipe to our daily success lies in this drawer.

If you're ever in the area of Little Tokyo, be sure to take a stroll through the neighborhood.  This plaza is located directly behind the shop, it's a nice place to catch some shade during the upcoming hot summer days.  

The new shop pet, our very own Tokyo Town Rat.  

No Trickery- Although at first glance this pair of Playoff 12's may not seem legit, stay assured that this pair is REAL although it is missing a Jumpman on one tongue.

Now Available at RIF LA: Undefeated Bring Back "Ballistic" Pack
Featuring the 2012 Hyperdunk & Dunk High

A close-up of the Hyperdunk

Here's a close-up of the Dunk High

Sneaker shots of the day, Blink Yeezy 1's

Danwell in his 2000 Infrared 6's

Manwell in the Swags aka the Crimsons

Until next time, have a great day! - RIF LA

May 29, 2013

Giving Back

This past Monday we celebrated Memorial Day in honor of all the brave men and women who have served in our country's armed forces.  We would just like to say every veteran is appreciated and send a big THANK YOU to anyone who is currently serving in the United State's Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard.

The homies came all the way from San Diego just to chop it up about kicks and have a couple good laughs, shoutout Everett for always spreading the word of RIF LA down to his good people in SD.

Shoutout to the homie Mike for copping these Platinum Yeezy 2's

Shoutout to the Schaefer brothers for always copping HEAT.  As you can see, they don't play any games while rocking the Galaxy foams and Louis Vuitton Jaspers while picking up some Blink Yeezy 1's.  

Shoutout to Jason Lew for copping these KD 4 Easters

Here's a couple random sneaker shots from the week
1999 Bred IV

We haven't seen these in a while, Zoo York Nike Sb lows from 2002.  

Louis Vuitton Dons

And it's not too often that a DS pair of Nike SB Unkles comes by..

This past month RIF has been accepting ANY and ALL sneakers to be donated for Sneaker Drive we are sponsoring.  The shoes will be going to a homeless youth center in hopes to provide the less fortunate with some decent shoes for the upcoming summer months.  The LAST day to bring in donations is Wednesday, June 12.  #GoodPeopleHelpingGoodPeople

Shoutout to each and everyone of our supporters who have donated kicks thus far.
Here's a few shots of what some people have been kind enough to donate.

Thank you for the donations, it's always great to see people giving back to those in need.

Shoutout to the homie for stopping by with some kicks as well, be sure to check out the skatepark Berrics LA and follow him on Instagram @Steezuschrist

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has made this sneaker drive possible, without YOU bringing in donations this whole thing would have never happened.  Until next time, have a blessed week - RIF LA

May 24, 2013

After Hours

Summer is quickly approaching in the streets of Little Tokyo, with most days of the week being 80+ degrees it is safe to say the days of Winter are long gone.  It's time to switch those pants for shorts, long sleeves for short sleeves, and put away the winter beaters and bring out the summer sneaker heat.

Manny greeting customers throughout the day, he is always leading and making sure RIF's customer service is on point.  Killa Cam... or Killa Manny?

Manwell and Danny have been hard at work to make sure everything at the shop runs smoothly.  Taking in consignment, doing buyback, handling orders, and helping in-store customers are just some of the many tasks performed by our team on a daily basis.

We always believe in Good People Helping Good People, and we are more than thankful for all of our fam that is generous enough to bring food for the RIF team.  To anyone that has dropped off any goodies for us to eat, THANK YOU.

The homie Jarrett Jack decided to drop by to the shop, although the Warriors season came to an end, be sure to watch out for them next year with this guy leading the backcourt with Stephen Curry.

For anyone who still has questions about RIF DOS's hours, here's your answer!
Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays- Saturdays: 12:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sundays: 12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The homie A$AP ROCKY decided to stop by RIF DOS to get some new shoes and clothing for his tour which recently started.  Be sure to get tickets before they sell out, ASAP tickets

Rocky checking out the glass case next door, this is his favorite place to get clothing from RIF DOS

Rocky browsing the RIF DOS jacket selection

Carl has always been known for his customer service, so it's no surprise to see him selling ASAP this brand new North Face x Supreme 3m Jacket

Manwell and ASAP discussed some shoes and clothing, as well as possible work together.  Stay tuned for future plans. RIF x A$AP MOB ?

Shoutout to ASAP and Chace Infinite for stopping by during the after hours before leaving on their tour.  We hope it goes well for you guys and we will see you soon!

As we head into this Memorial Day weekend, the RIF team wishes you the best until next time..

May 20, 2013

Man of the Hour

If you follow our Blog, Twitter, or Instagram then it was no surprise that we held an in-store event with Cam'ron this past Friday, May 17.  We would like to thank each and every person who came out to support RIF and Killa Cam, without you this event would not have been possible.  Also, we would like to thank Flying Pig food truck for catering the event as well.  

THANK YOU to these two for bartending the event!

Shoutout to the good people over at Crooks & Castles for stopping by as well, nice to see you all.

RIF DOS workers Sobe and Jonli making sure all the customers who waited in line for the Killa Cam pack got their sizes.  Sobe wearing the Friends and Family RIF x Cam'ron hoodie.
 I'm a Changed Man, Look at the Range Ma'am

The man of the hour, Killa.

Cam greeting all the supporters, before signing autographs and taking pictures with EVERYONE that wanted one.  We appreciate you fam.  Good People Helping Good People

Here's a few random shots from the night.
The Three Amigos (Cris, Danny, & Manny)

The scene inside RIF DOS when Cam arrived.

The Homies Qualmes and Erik Bloom

Rif & Cam supporters turnt up

The Rancho Cucamonga crew (Murad, Austin, & Carl)

Dom P x Moet 

Peep the Killa Cam autograph

After a fun night of celebrating at RIF DOS, it was all business as the 334A gang headed back into their weekend grind.

Although Jordans are the most popular shoes in-store, be sure not to sleep on some of the DEALS we have in our Nike Sb section.

We receive about 40+ new pairs of consignment every day, be sure to check our new arrivals section on our website daily.

We look forward to announcing our future plans with Cam'ron, until then on behalf of the RIF LA staff we would like to say thank you to everyone who came to the event on Friday night.  Have a blessed week - RIF LA