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May 15, 2013

Mission Accomplished

It was another busy Wednesday afternoon in RIF LA aka the traphouse.  As you can see, we've just got in more shipping boxes for all of our online customers' orders.  With 8 bundles total, this is just enough to get us through the weekday orders alone.  Thanks to our loyal customers, it is easy to understand why we say #PushingWeight

Although everyone is eyeing our shoes on the walls, be sure to admire the beauties sitting in the glass case we have on the sales floor.  These aren't your 2013 retros, you're looking at a SET of OG Chicago 1's, in a Mens and toddler size.

Our new shop football.  The Three Amigos (Manny, Danny, and Cris) can be spotted playing catch outside the shop with this during the week days when they're BBS'ing.

With LeBron James getting closer to possibly getting ANOTHER ring, be sure not to sleep on the deals we put on our website today.  Although we priced DOWN some our LeBron stock, after another ring it's a sure thing that his signature shoes will go up in price like we've seen before when he's won a championship.

Since the team was on point today, Manager Manwell decided to send Danny and Connor on a mission to get food.  You can see his leadership skills coming in handy with an organized checklist being written.

The List

Does this car look familiar? Seems as if our interns are Team Honda Civic.  

Fun fact of the day: Intern Danny is an avid cyclist, he prefers to ride fixed gear.  Any customer that wants a friend to bike with on the evenings, Danny's free after work!

And the mission begins, it was another sunny Southern California day and there wasn't a cloud in sight. This is the view driving down 3rd Street. 

After racing through the streets of downtown, it looks like Danny found our destination, Taco Bell or Pizza Hut is now the question.

As you all know, parking in downtown is the WORST.  We had to walk about 3 blocks, and saw this greenery right in the heart of Santee Alley. Even though urbanization has taken over the majority of downtown, it's always refreshing to see mother nature in the heart of the city.

Looks like someone made the wrong decision to park in a red zone, it's never a smart idea to test your luck with parking.  9 times out of 10, you will get a ticket.

Taco Bell was the clear winner here, no contest.  

Mission Accomplished, shoutout Danny for driving to get the TEAM food today!

While Danny and Connor were on their mission, Carl was busy giving his usual A1 customer service and working the sales floor.  

Not only was he helping all the customers today, when the sales floor died down he was busy doing inventory in the back.  

While the Heat played the Bulls today in a series-clinching game, you know RIF LA staff had to be sitting court side to watch this one.

Manwell's victory face

Stay tuned for details regarding our IN-STORE with Cam'ron this Friday at RIF LA.  Have a blessed week - RIF


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