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May 31, 2012


As a consignment shop , we are here to service all your sneaker NEEDS, from helping you locate your holy grail of sneakers, selling your spur-of the moment shoe purchase, to selling entire sneaker collections.

For RIF LA there is another side of the business.

RIF stands by the philosophy of HONESTY, INTEGRITY and most importantly CUSTOMER/PEOPLE FIRST, we understand that in these times, sneakers sometimes take a back seat to relevant issues in our daily lives. Rent over shadows your AJ 11 Concord packed cramptly on your bathroom floor , Food on the table for you family outweighs those Galaxy Foams sitting lonely in your closet, and your baby crying take precedence to your HOLY Grail AJ 1's sitting neatly on your fire place mantle.

FOR years now RIF has been offering CA$H for your SNEAKERS. WITHOUT the HASSLE of consignment, we wanted to come up with a better method to help those in need that cannot wait a second longer.


BRING in ANY SNEAKERS in which you believe has VALUE, We will then GIVE YOU CASH UP FRONT. NO Consignment, NO waiting... CASH in your HAND.

You can also EMAIL/CALL us with your sneaker selling INQUIRES and a service representative will GLADLY HELP and VALUE your shoes at a PRICE you CANNOT REFUSE.

Thank you and GOD Bless


Jason Markk Now Available .

 Jason Markk has to be one of the best sneaker cleaners out. We all use it here at the shop from our vans to our jordans. We love it. I mean you can wear your kicks a few times and I'm sure they don't always look as fresh as you want them to. So when that happens you give them a nice wipe down and put them in the box till next time you wear them . Seriously and for the cost of 15$ you really can't beat that to keep your sneakers clean.

RIF Loading Zone.

If you haven't got your RIF LA Lighter make sure to swing by the shop we only have one more case left . As you can see we started carrying one of the best shoe cleaners around. Give more details later on.

May 27, 2012

Memorial Sunday..

I'm sure everyone has been watching the NBA Playoffs. Well if you haven't then let us just tell you KD has been doing pretty well. Homie right here rocking the KD Aunt pearls. He also always swings by to pick up the steals so if you've ever asked if we had a shoe and we said no it was most likely him that picked them up.

May 25, 2012

Memorial day.

We will be closed this Monday, so everyone enjoy the day off and if you want anything make sure to place your order on the site. We will Resume normal business hours Tuesday May 29th.  


Stay in Front Fridays

Second street chillen' on a friday waiting for the rush to get here. Murad rode his bike to work today. Left the Beamer at home. 


Lately we've been pretty busy as usual here at the shop. Unfortunately our site was down for maintenance. So we apologize if you didn't see any new items. There is no need to worry we will update about 60 pairs of shoes today.

On another note just a few days ago soulja boy came by to pick up some kicks and we hooked him up with some hats. We right away noticed the Big Phantom Ghost and all of us were wondering who it was inside. Out came Soulja boy. Really Nice dude extremely humble as well.

May 18, 2012


Shout outs to Snoop, Baron Davis and the whole LAUNFD Crew 
for blessing us with this box full of tees. Jeff got some Large and Manwell got the XL.\

May 17, 2012


Since all the MEDIUMS sold quick in the newest crewnecks and hoodies that we released a few weeks back, we did a RE UP on MEDIUMS.  So come by the shop and get yours if you haven't yet!

May 16, 2012


The homie 3m Flawless Wallace is the one of the coolest cats 
that swings by the shop. He usually comes through in his Uniform 
but we had to take a picture of him since he hardly has a day off. 
Thats what you call Hard working! But if you see him getting 
near your car while he's in his uniform  please tell him you know The RIF Staff!  
He usually gives all the tickets down 2nd St!
May 11, 2012
May 8, 2012

Calm, and Focused.

Here at RIF we always make sure Customers are first, 
but as soon as those blinds 
are up and we're finished with all our work we throw on 
a game. Come on now you know good the playoffs get. 
Of course here at RIF we love the Lakers but you since its the playoffs 
we try to watch every game .
May 6, 2012


We had the opportunity to meet Alori Joh a handful of times at the shop, nothing but positive vibes from her. Rest In Paradise...
May 1, 2012


After all the Celebrating we did over the weekend with Jeff 
for his daughter we got back to work right away. Which means 
back to helping people out, doing orders all day, and blogging . 

This guy Gentry walked away with 4 pairs of some good og 
basketball kicks. All size `13. After buying all 4 pairs he 
still stayed another 30 minutes just to make sure he wasn't
forgetting any good steals.NN