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May 8, 2012

Calm, and Focused.

Here at RIF we always make sure Customers are first, 
but as soon as those blinds 
are up and we're finished with all our work we throw on 
a game. Come on now you know good the playoffs get. 
Of course here at RIF we love the Lakers but you since its the playoffs 
we try to watch every game .

After hour Crush sodas for the crew!

This is what Carl drinks to stay calm and focused during work. 
It's called Zenify, its suppose to help you stay focused.

They dropped off 3 packs of this. 
We went through it in one week hahah!

Manny's and Murad's Breakfast.
 Our good friend Gentry Came by to buy a couple pairs of size 13 kicks.
Not only did he come by for that, but since we all know 
Murad loves Hockey he gave him a Hockey toy.
Thanks a lot!

Mr. Mendez Picking up big checks as he always does. 
Always brings by some of the best SB Steals.

I see BAPES Are really coming back.
First Carl, now IAN is wearing them.

Carl in His Neighborhood Denim and Aj 5 black metallic from 99'

Murad always showing off his Supreme Hats!
I get it murad you love supreme.

Happy late Cinco De Mayo. From Manwell. LOL.
My Face when i first saw Carl wearing the same Shirt as me .
He didn't want Murad to take a picture of him haha. 
We had to walk around looking like Twins the whole day.

Pay attention to the lace locks. To match his T SHIRT.

Are those Grape lace locks my boy?

Carl got pretty hungry so he headed behind RIF and got some flying pig.
Then he took some pictures of these little kids wrestling .

No, its okay Carl the staff didn't want anything to eat. 

 Me and Murad just got some Pink Berry.

I was just kidding, i changed my shirt so i wont look like Carl.
Carl seemed a little sad didn't he?

The Carl Accessories. Lighter holder, phone holder, and a little coin pouch.

 Check it out. The brand is Mr. Satire

What Murad got me for my late birthday.
I love black and white kicks. Thanks for the Janos!

Come through and make sure to get one of these CD's.
Haven't listened to it yet but Ed said it was bangin' .


Anonymous said...

Make your customers first? That's a big lie I've email you several times and called and still no response I'm suppose to get a tracking number within 24-48 hours I Still don't have one after a week? So what seem to be that problem?

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