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May 25, 2012

Stay in Front Fridays

Second street chillen' on a friday waiting for the rush to get here. Murad rode his bike to work today. Left the Beamer at home. 

Homie Yoltron came by to show off his royal aj 1s. Wish I once owned a LONGGGG time ago in a size 12 (aww the memories . Carl kept buggin YULTRON for them but he wouldn't budge. Sorry Carl 

 Here is something you don't see everyday, a Size 6 in the Red Supreme Blazer. TOO RARE.
FOR $ale.
 Carl's homie came down to drop off a bunch of his personal kicks. He literally fit 65+ kicks inside his whip. Real Life TETRIS?

 Such underrated jordan 9. Such a fresh SUMMER shoe.

 The Archrival Sticker on Ed's phone.  As you can tell he needs a new case so can someone be generous enough and buy him one?

A portion of our new ARRIVALS.
 Carl Insisted FOR a new picture for his facebook. lol

Three 7's good luck.

 Fatty Friday lunch lol! We love aloha!

 What Murad ate. He loves rice as you can tell . 

 75$ For a pair of jordans that retailed at 233 Size 9, 9.5, and 11.5
 Jordan 2012 grey/lime green for 75$
 Andre was in the Grey/lime green mood as well. 
 Mr. Cartoon Af 1s for 50$ Can't beat that .
 White cement/Concord/black cement section.
 Rip Hamilton posted in the blue box section. 
 2 Yeezys' not Yeezy 2s:(
 Some AM 95 Stash for manwell to match his RIF LA Heather blue sweater. 
 Ed is still riding out this diet. Spam wasubi.

 AM 95 BEAT!!!

 Too bad the lakers lost, now we don't even want to watch the playoffs. Wonder who the LAKESHOW is going to trade?


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