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May 16, 2012


The homie 3m Flawless Wallace is the one of the coolest cats 
that swings by the shop. He usually comes through in his Uniform 
but we had to take a picture of him since he hardly has a day off. 
Thats what you call Hard working! But if you see him getting 
near your car while he's in his uniform  please tell him you know The RIF Staff!  
He usually gives all the tickets down 2nd St!

This is his Sneaker shot!
 We love Consignment! Specially when they bring a couple Size Runs!
These on the table!
 Some more concords on the floor! Shout out to our Italy consignment sellers!
 Some Classics! If you don't have a pair of these In your Collection please swing 
by and pick it up fast size 11. DS.
 Some Summer type of kicks for Manwell?
These are another Classic! haven't seen a DS pair of red or black ones in a while.

 It's always funny when someone matches t shirts at RIF lol. Manwell and 
South Gate's finest BenHamin' . Check out manny's new little Puppy.
 Taxi LeBron 9's.
 Shout out to BJ the Chicago kid for swinging by, always good seeing you fam!
Dude can honestly sing! 
 Manwell's FLX phone . You can catch him with this in his back pocket 
walking around the shop. 
 Flexin'! ha!
Thanks a lot Carlos for the phone brobro!
 Here's something you don't see everyday. 
Yeezy Sample. Size 12. A lot of people get really surprised when we tell them 
that yeezy wears a size 12 .

Every time we get some new magazines or some type of reading materiel 
Ed and murad are the first ones to open up the packaging .
Christmas all over again!
Pretty dope little book!
Some nice pieces in here! Make sure to get one in the front when you swing by.
Murad Changed into his Michael Jordan Jersey, he doesn't want to 
face the fact that the Bulls are out of the Playoffs.
Carl's walk to Aloha cafe. 
He loves art as you can see. 
This has to be one of my favorite places to eat!
Their bowls are the best. With the mac on the side? 

The walk back to RIF!
The carl Special. If you go there get the 
Teriyaki Bowl with mac on the side .
What Ed and Manwell Ate thanks to Carlos!
Arros Con Pollo! Real mexican with it!


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