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May 27, 2012

Memorial Sunday..

I'm sure everyone has been watching the NBA Playoffs. Well if you haven't then let us just tell you KD has been doing pretty well. Homie right here rocking the KD Aunt pearls. He also always swings by to pick up the steals so if you've ever asked if we had a shoe and we said no it was most likely him that picked them up.

 Everything is pink, everythink is pink!
 Couple's Sneaker shot!
 RIF'S Couple of the day!
 Looks like this little birdy was lost, he just randomly flew in here. A couple customers were surprised that it was in here. Ed was pretty scared more than anything he kept yelling when he saw it. lol.
 It probably it found a way out, luckily Murad and Manwell caught it inside a shoe box and let it free outside to roam around little tokyo some more.  
 Another couple's sneaker shot. 
 Murad's fit of the day. Of course we got pretty hungry so homie Jason and Murad volunteered to pick up some King taco for us! 
 Walking down second street!

 Murad just loves his new Beamer!

 Unfortunately for murad he has to pump 91 . That means 5.09 a galon. I get murad gas prices are nothing to you lol.
 The little Tv in the Dash to show you how he stunts!
 Bang bang!
 What to order?:)

 After they got the food they decided to drive back with the top down!! 
 Keys open doors!
Murad just coolin' with his youngin'

King taco Nachos For the win!!


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