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Oct 31, 2010


Thank you to ALL our friends and FAM that came by today to SUPPORT RIF LA. We never knew that we would sell that many shirts in 1 DAY. WTF?!

Sorry to ALL that couldn't buy their shirts today(or size). Mid-Day we made some calls and we will be having a few more sizes mid- week.

Thank you again to ALL you RIF LA supporters. IT IS because of you ..that we are HERE.


Those that have bought from us in the past weeks...keep your receipts.

You will recieve a FREE RIF T(with a custom DESIGN) for the LOVE you have showed us.

ONLY 50 FREE T's will be given to those that have receipts from OCTOBER 1st.

THANK you again for all the LOVE and SUPPORT. We have a few sizes left. please call and make sure we have what you want.

best regards/and respect,

Oct 30, 2010


Manny, Juan, and I decided to go to Undefeated La Brea for their Undefeated x K-Swiss release party.
Arrived there around 8:50ish.
Chillin' with that guy... You know who. If you don't, too bad. Haha.

Calbi Food Truck arrived just in time and we're hungry.

9 & 120?

Beef tacos & quesadilla.
The quesadilla was rearry good!

"Oh man! The quesadillas taste bomb!

Juan is busy.

Just getting started...

Went inside the store to get a drink and it was super crowded already. Everybody bumping to each other.

Booze & shoes.

J.Rocc of Stones Throw/Beat Junkies.

All 4 colorways of the Undefeated x K-Swiss - "Deuce" were on display.

Over room capacity.

A couple of sneaker shots...
Undefeated x K-Swiss - Black.

Undefeated x K-Swiss - Navy-Blue.

Undefeated x Converse Poorman Weapons - Navy Blue.

Some kind of heels... I don't know the name of it. Haha.

Manny & Juan posted.

Russell Brand?

Oh wait, that's not him... Nevermind. haha.

Beat Junkies.

Dope sweater.

More people showing up.

A pair of shoe and women. Hmm.

Almost midnight and people are still showing up.

"Players Know." Right Manny? Haha.
Oct 29, 2010

RIF GARMENTS. 10/30/10

Saturday, October 30 we will be releasing our new SHIRTS and CREW Neck sweaters. This is our second installment of RIF Garments each shirt will be $24.00 Crew necks $42.00 and only available in store.

A classic take on Nike ALPHA Force. Here is the "REINFORCE" Tee.
A classic inspiration for a classic RIF Tee.

Our "Track and Sell" Tee

A collaboration with our shop in Japan LA AVE.
Shirt has a classic Japanese/Military aesthetic with our slogan "track and sell" we track it down then sell it.

"track and sell" back

Our " Reinforce" Raglan

Our good friend Jon Farrell designed this Tee entitled "Zapato Gang" inspired by classic Los Angeles graffiti script... all hand drawn.

"Zapato Gang" front

We will also be having a few RIF LOGO Tees.
This is only a sample of the shirts that we will be releasing tomorrow. There are more colorways and DESIGNS. LIGHTERS will also be available.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow you wont be disappointed : )

Thanks again ERokk for the photos, ALFRED and Celeste for modeling.

Oct 28, 2010


After going to Fairfax, me and Juan decided to go to the Food Truck Meet at K-Mart in Carson.
When we arrived, there's still a lot of people buying food.
And White Rabbit had the longest line.
White Rabbit - Filipino Fusion food. I think this food truck is really popular because of Carson, being another Filipino Town and I guess the food they serve is really good. Haha.
Had the chance to buy their food, but already got myself a Tallarin Saltado from Lomo Arigato.

The Knock Out Taco Truck. (Their logo is pretty dope... Hmm.)

Hmm, their tacos are a bit expensive...

Lomo Arigato - Peruvian & Japanese fusion.

"Just Sell It."
She actually remembered me from last week. Haha.

"JonRee, is this good?"

"Deng! This is actually some bomb-ass food!"

Tallarin saltado.
Now you see it...

Now you don't.

Mandolin Grill - Vietnamese cuisine. Their food didn't look too appealing for customers or at least to people who wants to try their food. I guess they need more lighting on their menu.

Trying to take a picture of this dog and then it turns around...

What a scary looking dog with it's eyes are glowing!! (But it's actually the effect of the flash or glare.) Haha.

Friends and family goes out here every Thursday night.

Some-what a cold night, but people still buying shave ice!

Juan what are you doing?? Haha.

Chilled for a bit to look around...
Then, we headed back home.