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Oct 28, 2010


Meet DJ GUAMSTYLES, the man behind OFFTHEWALLSITE, which is the best blog and forum for all your Vans information and needs.

Met this dude Derrick a few months ago, its good to see he's on his feet off the drugs ready to clean up his life after being in the Penn for 10 years. I lent him $6.00 to go catch the bus to see his PO and hooked him up with another pair of kicks, some clean fcs that homie drew donated.

This guy is a lowkey psychic, so I had him write down some winning numbers for next week.

If these are the winning numbers, I told him I'd give him 15% which is our consignment fee @ the shop.

Edwin talking to Juan about the SINGLE Life.

Edwin from TEAM AM FAM rockin some spiridons

juaneats blk/royals x FIJI

Efrens work shoes....nice!


2001 CG > 2010 CG

These crome ball lows are growing on me everyday, watch these go up in value in the future...

Get your BLACKSCALE x ARCH tee @ ARCH.

Chris cruisin down 2nd St big chillen...

WANTED, if anybody has a size 10 out there, give me shout! Ill pay $400 :)

GOODIES for today, Click HERE.

Been knowing the homie Jason for a good 7 years now, back when Heavy Hitters was around on Melrose...the good o'l days. Real shoeheads stay being shoeheads.

keeping it LEGIT.

Manny waited the whole year to finally be EDOUCHE for Halloween. We'll be stocked up with a lot of candy to give away for all the kids so come by the shop anytime from FRI-SUNDAY.

Jeff aka HEFFE always dreamed about being Al Bundy for Halloween, 2010 is his year!

theres a lot more, promise! RIF loves kids!


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