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Oct 17, 2010

sneek and tell.

We were fortunate enough to make it to Urban Supremacy's first "sneek and tell". The first event of it's kind that not only showcased rare sneakers but most importantly the lengths and sacrifices that these sneaker collectors had to endure to attain sneaker grails.

As a sneaker collector, afficianado, or even your casual buyer. attaining a certain shoe is only half the excitement

Here are a few pics from the event.

Hassan showcasing Nike Union 180
AJ 5 Grape.
Clot AM1
Bordeux 7
Karl not only enjoyed the sneakers showcased but he partaking in his own conversations...about sneakers of course.
The next wave of sneaker fiends.
Some people buy shoes to keep them nice and pretty in their closets, others wear them...whatever you choose to do is up to you, but its always nice use shoes for thier purpose. thats just us.

Here are some the sneaker heat that was people wearing during the event.
Papa bears. We wonder what happened to the kid that tried to steal the baby bears?
Franalations in ASG Lebron VII
Karl and Juaneats you know they have to stay fresh.
Murad's personal favorite shoes for the night. Can you name this shoe?
Earlier in the day Murad went to the market and was nice enough to bring some goodies back to the shop...Japanese snacks > American snacks...yea we said it.

Nevermind his Thermos.
Manny getting his Edouche beenie steez on and Justin creepin on facebook.
Three Amigoes. por vida.


Didn't we tell you that we get goodies everyday? The bus driver dropping off Tommie's Burger. Thanks again CHRIS, take care bro and don't worry we'll find you another DS AJ 99 4 sz 12.


Not a bad colorway Chris, you can pull it off.

Song of the DAY.

Here's what we see.

Since this is a sneaker shop we had to show you guys What we wore today.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend. This week is crunch time. STAY TUNED for our NEW TOPS dropping this SATURDAY.



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