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Oct 18, 2010


RIF LA FAKE EBAY not AFFILIATED with RIF LA/Napsize/La. Ave. inc.

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It has come to our attention that an UNKNOWN ebay seller is using RIF.LA for his ebay auctions. If you do not ALREADY know this EBAY SELLER is NOT AFFILIATED with our shop nor do we even know who this person is.

Though we have not had any negative reprocussions from this name, we deem it fair to inform you the consumer that ANY and ALL products that this person is selling on this page has nothing to do with RIF LA/Napsize/La Ave inc.

Please be aware of this ebay seller and acknowledge that his products and services has NOTHING to do with our company.

The reward: Any online detective that investigates this persons name, IP address, exact location or picture of culprit and bring it to our attention. Will receive a handsome monetary prize.

RIF would like to simply talk with the lady/or gentleman and questions their intentions of using our branded name then we will act accordingly.

best regards

RIF LA inc.


Zach G said...

just bid and win one of the stickers he's selling after you win you can get all of his personal information. name, address even a phone number if you really wanted to.

I noticed he changed his item location status from glendale ca, to L.A, CA

so most likely this guy is from Glendale.

good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm Working on it!

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