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Oct 28, 2010


After going to Fairfax, me and Juan decided to go to the Food Truck Meet at K-Mart in Carson.
When we arrived, there's still a lot of people buying food.
And White Rabbit had the longest line.
White Rabbit - Filipino Fusion food. I think this food truck is really popular because of Carson, being another Filipino Town and I guess the food they serve is really good. Haha.
Had the chance to buy their food, but already got myself a Tallarin Saltado from Lomo Arigato.

The Knock Out Taco Truck. (Their logo is pretty dope... Hmm.)

Hmm, their tacos are a bit expensive...

Lomo Arigato - Peruvian & Japanese fusion.

"Just Sell It."
She actually remembered me from last week. Haha.

"JonRee, is this good?"

"Deng! This is actually some bomb-ass food!"

Tallarin saltado.
Now you see it...

Now you don't.

Mandolin Grill - Vietnamese cuisine. Their food didn't look too appealing for customers or at least to people who wants to try their food. I guess they need more lighting on their menu.

Trying to take a picture of this dog and then it turns around...

What a scary looking dog with it's eyes are glowing!! (But it's actually the effect of the flash or glare.) Haha.

Friends and family goes out here every Thursday night.

Some-what a cold night, but people still buying shave ice!

Juan what are you doing?? Haha.

Chilled for a bit to look around...
Then, we headed back home.


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