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Oct 10, 2010

RIF LA @ BMW MFest Event (RECAP)

Big thanks to PING for blessing us with this oppurtunity and for taking care of us!

RIF LAs table full of heaters...

I rather have this line of heat....one day!


Edouche should of brought his M3 for the show!


talk about dream cars....

There was a handful of vendors @ the event, but it was pretty much an invite only event...aww we feel special ;)

Manny wished he was in the Mfest booth

Even the kids had nice cars, stay in school kids!

Here are the 2 Monsters who were passing out the Monster Energy drinks, thanks!

Look who Manny, Juan and Murad ran into...their MINI MES....
Manny (right), Murad (middle), Juan (left)

Were gonna start calling Juaneats the Cougar Hunter!!!

Manny and Juan were interviewed by Sabrina from BMWPULSE.COM. They asked them a few questions about the denim sbs and why they cost so dam much.

I think all events should provide free food and beverages!

sweets for the sweets

chili, garlic bread, pasta, and bbq chicken....

Monster Energy Drink was in the building, giving everyone too much energy...

Sprinkles Cupcakes were in attendance serving UNLIMITED Cupcakes :)

peanut butter chocolate was CRACK.

A few sneaker shots of the day ....

black/varsity red vis

defining VII's

Some kid rockin buellers who owns a ferrari ....and hes only 17!

334A team.

Overall a great event, we met a lot of great people, seen a lot of our dream rides and hopefully we'll be at the next one.

speaking of Luxury, after rolling around town we can relax at a place like this.

See you soon Guy.


bmwaccessoryfest.com said...

ey just a correction, it was not an MFEST event, it is sponsored by Pacific BMW of Glendale, www.bmwaccessoryfest.com , thanks for posting this, it is more of PACIFIC BMWACCESSORY FEST:)

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