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Oct 27, 2010


Ever since I've been @ RIF for 4 years now, this couple below has been consigning and copping kicks since day 1. Why did I barely find out he works at Baskin Robins and he works in Carson, thats only like 10 mins away from my house. So I'll be in there Friday for those quarts of Jamoca Almond Fudge and Rocky Road! You guys are GOOD peoples :)

Mr. & Mrs. VeraCruz from Carson

Mr. Mark Veracruz rockin his fresh defining moments xis, everyone needs a pair of these in their lives!

Do you really need to speed up all quick and run a red light just to give some old japanese dude a j-walking ticket? I think ya'll did enough to the Japanese people back in the days, give him a break dam! Now I know why they say "F T P"

My only Slovakian friend Robert just came back from Slovakia and brought me a couple sweets. If people keep bringing me candy, pecan pies, muffins, jarritos, etc...i might become a diabetic veryyyyyyy sooon. Someone give me some fruit snacks or something!

90% of sneakerheads are predominately men, but theres that small 10% of woman that share the same addiction for shoes. This girl just dropped off a 35 pairs of personal kicks and theres a couple goodies in here, so make sure to swing by the shop sometime and check them out.

These air forces below are probably the best out of the bunch, does anybody reading this blog have a size US 10.5 or 11? Por favor? sorry still working on my spanish!

I believe we only made a couple of these blackNyellow 334A tees, but this will be available this Saturday along with the new season of our RIF.LA Apparel!

Bet a lot of you didn't know that Edouche is actually a HUGE Clippers Fan, his connect just dropped off his tickets for this Sundays game. So if you see Ed in his Chris Kaman jersey, make sure to say WASSUP! BTW did ya'll see Blake Griffin aka ROOKIE OF THE YEAR? (ok im jumping the gun)

He even plans on UN'ds'n these bad boys in memory of Cuttino Mobley! ya'll remember him right? maybe not?

RIF LA Fitted's that never made the cut, so I guess you can call them B-Grade Sample Fitted's, kind of wished they came out the way I wanted them to...owells!

This is a little before Nike Sb was even created, but does anyone else own this Kicks poster by Milk Magazine? Has some of the best classics on here, Dunk High Stussys, DC Kaws, Wu-tang Dunks, OG Stussy Blazers, etc. Probably would never part with this! Thanks SAAMster!


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