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Oct 1, 2010

RIF LA Nike Stash Dunk Low Limited to 55pairs (vid 5)

At one point the Stash DUNK was the most EXPENSIVE and sought after sneaker in Japan from '02-'04 with prices ranging from $2500-$6500 at one point. To say the least, thats peanuts in comparison to the rarity of these sneaker. SIGNED and NUMBER to only 55 pairs WORLDWIDE the $4500 hundred dollar price tag is a deal to those that can afford them.

In actuality, this shoe is better than 45 pair's of purple box SB's all valued at $100.00 (dont you think) BTW LA AVE/RIF had 20 pairs google it.

Thanks to our good Friend B Surf the C we are making our videos with a little extra kick.


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