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Sep 30, 2010

we are Los Angeles.

Thank you to you ALL we are getting busier and busier... Edouche actually has to work now. Its looking like we need to speed up this expansion process :)

Well today we started off with a customer driving all the way down from SF to drop-off more than 30 pairs.( we appreciate you brotha) We also needed to have a 70 shoe package packed up and ready to be shipped overseas. Our super interns aren't SOO super when it comes to packing more than 2 pairs at a time SMH... Fortunate enough... we got our packaged boxed and labeled ready for pickup. P U S H I N G W E I G H T.

When we first met Manny and Juan, they dressed liked fruitloops X Skittles collab... after being here at RIF for a minute we told them that we had a dress code anything that doesn't imply that they lived an alternative lifestyle (not that theirs nothing wrong with the alternative lifestyle)

Thanks to the RIF makeover its black everythangggg ...maybe white/navy/grey once in a while.
Actions speak louder than words- Your Boy Edouche...although that pant rolling thing is a little suspect. AYAOOOO
Juan in a 3XL tall Life Takers shirt. 1 of 1 limited Edition. BIG DAHHH
With this price you can't be mad.
Giving those (W)taps Vans a well deserved rest.

Jeff rarely wears sneakers other than his Vans/Jordans but once in a while and if your lucky...you'll see him in other shoe heat. JEFF is the ANSWER.
We receive SOO much consignment on a daily basis, that we thought it's only necessary that we make short videos of what we receive from time to time.

"Manny, we're gonna make you a star"- Edouche

A few of the goodies from the day.

don't sleep.


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