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Sep 25, 2010


Our good friend Suli aka "CRAZY LEGS" is probably one of the few OG shoe heads that still has LOVE for the sneaker game. I can't wait to come over his crib and get some footage of his humble collection...soon my friend! We got some potential projects we've been talking about, so everybody stay tune.

Suli came down and showed us a few goodies, including an AJ 2 Sample that's set to release next month. Now we couldn't show you all the goodies he brought so we'll post a couple more very soon.

We present you TEAM EFREN. South Gates youngest reselling crew.

Thank you TEAM EFREN for the Shrimp Tacos....gracias...

Carl is like the super sales rep @ RIF LA, he can sell anybody a shoe! So after a hard days of work of selling a lot of shoes, we told him to go take a break and enjoy the beautiful streets of Little Tokyo. So he grabbed the camera and on the way he went....

Check out "Carls Adventures of Little Tokyo"

Lol he started just taking random pictures and even with some random people!

Carl said he always used to jump behind Post Office trucks and take a quick ride around the blocks...

Carl doesn't just collect shoes, but hes a huge collector of vintage shades...stylin!

Carl big chillin in front of Nijiya Market...

Big shouts to AL for lacin jeff with a Sneaker Gods tee....

We just got our box of tags from Revolution Group! Time to step it up and keep it 100% RIF approve.

We grabbed edouches beanie to see how our future beanies would come out... not bad eh! but I wouldn't rock that loose hipster beanie..were gonna keep it LEGIT.

Juaneats looking like LL Cool J...uan

Whats a blog post without sneaky shots?!?

Carls ZEN yeezys...

duke kobe vs


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