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Sep 16, 2010


If you dont already know. Nike SB will be releasing a series of SB's with the Street Fighter theme. Im not a Fan of this particular series. But I am a FAN of The Street Fighter Series.

I remember going to the local donut shop buying a Maple Glazed Bar and single cigarette ($.20cents) and wrecking fools with GUILE. I remember when I started losing I would Bust the "invinsible handcuffs" and the machine would freeze...then Im out leaving the competitor salty.

Now all we have a computer games... World of Warcraft, Call of Duty...whatever happened to going to the local arcade and seeing the face of your competitor. The Good days.

Well love it or hate it Street Fighter is the Greatest Fighting Game EVER.
Ryu...I preferred Ken.

Akuma was the Biggest Cheezer out of them all... the shoes are Cheezy too.

Speaking of Japanese Fighting Games our brothers in Japan stay holding it down with Converse. Our Boy Rio Just copped the Converse X Parra. Not a Bad look...looks like a late summer release.
If your in Japan within the coming days. Make sure to hit up our shop in Harajuku LA. AVE there will be STEALS.


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