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Sep 5, 2010


Manny riding Edouches fixy, and we got Alfred tryna race him. I got my money on Manny!

ed: sample pentogram w)tap chukkas

nike chukkas

Our boy Scott dropped off Juan and Moorad a special shirt for their special someone. Moorad don't look happy takin this picture...2 bad!


Young Soles

Moooooorad stole Eds chubbyboob tee

Moorad's Authentic W)taps...

One of RIF's favorite couple, Mr. ad Mrs. Mendez :)
They came down to drop off a handful of goodies for the less fortunate peoples of Los Angeles, making the drop off SOON!!! Thanks guys!

A few of us left the shop to see whats going on in the mean streets of Little TOKS.

Little Tokyos Mayor, Trace

juaneats complimentary true blue tres...

Visited Non Factory Skate Shop which is literally right around the corner from the store.

Armani came all the way down from San Diego to cop 3 pairs of SB HEATERS...

Armanis 3 pick ups of the day!

If you dont already know we not only accept walk-in customers for consignment but upon an agreement you can ship your shoes to our 2nd street location and as soon as your shoes sell

A nice box of ds sbs came all the way from Nebraska.......yes NEBRASKA!


Edwin from TEAM AM FAM got his 10 year old brother already rockin kicks and SUPREME, you just ruined his life my friend! haha just kidding.

moooorad looks lost.....

charlie looks LOST tooo....

I wish I was lost and woke up next to Megan Fox .........one day


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