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Sep 13, 2010

what the F$CK.

Its been a long time since we received a fake pair of sneakers in the shop. Well today was our lucky day or unlucky day. This was a before pic before we made a RIF do-over.
Here we are making a few up-grades to these "what the dunks"
making sure we make them to RIF standard.
Almost done.
There we are... RIF's very own "what the Fucks"
The Shoewolf came to the shop to show us his newest pickup. Although we aren't fans of AJ 6 Rings the 3m and iceblue clear soles set this shoe apart from other new Jordan Models.
What did you wear today?

The Shoewolf wore the new AM1 with Safari Print. Peep you local discount retailers. HEAT. for cheap.
Fresh Water AM 95's. Fresh and Clean.
You never see Jeff wear Dunks but today was an exception. Deftone Dunk HI. And you know if Jeff wears kicks they need to be beaters no shoe is safe.
What Murad ate for lunch. He ate the entire box. Nasty.

Ed's shirt. PWA simple design bad typography. We miss the old Beezwax. You know RIF are definitely honey seekers.
Which one is Ed and which one is Murad?


DandeeLION said...

you guys need an art gallery where you display shredded up fakes.... would be siiiccckk.

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