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Sep 14, 2010


Manny stuck his fist in the ice cream cart and decided he wanted a Tamarindo popcicle.

Speaking of Manny did you know he has Jeff autograph all his RIF Tee's
The homie Sergio came by the shop and dropped off some free TEE's thanks bro.
All the necessary sneakers.

So we just got these Zen Air Yeezys in, but theres only 1 thing wrong with the shoe, well maybe 2 things wrong. Can you spot them?Here's a hint. Apparently the shoes were thrown in the washing machine and the Yeezy "Y's" came off. Rest assure these sneakers are 100 % Authentic. (atleast the shoes smell like downy)

From the Back, all looks well.
Profile perfect.
From the front.
The inside orange is a little dis-colored but still fresh.
Now with all the minor changes because of the washing. Heres the Price...would you pay this price? You can always pay $900.00
Looks all good.

first come first serve. Kendrick Lamar's OVERLY DEDICATED Dropping tomorrow.
(dont sleep)


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