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Sep 7, 2010

less is more.

In 1993 Nike manufactured one of the BEST Air Force 1's ever to release PURPLE HI AF1. Forget your BESPOKE AF1's...Though Through BESPOKE you can create any and I mean any AF1 you can imagine using ANY material NIKE has ever come up with, the $800.00 price tag forget about it... you can get these Originals.

Vintage Heat has been traveling through out doors as of late and for us here at RIF it's the best part of our day.
Good Looks JB.
Classic Profile, simple color = Perfection.
The deal breaker. The Original "Nike Air" on the Back Panel.
Even the Box is in tact. The slight fading and damage give these particular shoes more character.
Speaking of Classics, Jeff Recieved another Original Pair of baby sized Prestos.

look closely and dont sleep.


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