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Sep 20, 2010


We always dread Mondays.. we wake up and get to work and reminisce about the shenanigans what we got ourselves into the past weekend. Unfortunately we work everyday here at RIF to service your sneaker needs. So technically we dont get a day off. Its all GOOD. We're "Good People, Helping Good People." so today was one of those Mondays that made it worth coming into the "office".

Jeff just recieved a couple packages today and low and behold it not only baby shoes (which we'll talk about later) but a couple RARE Nike Dunk SB samples, yes SAMPLES!

It's difficult to determine how many sample pairs are released so we wont give you guys an exact number, but rest assure less then 10 pairs for each shoe.

Voorhees "HORROR" Dunk Sb Low Sample

But I'm sure no one has seen these samples below...stay tune for the video and detailed photos sooooooooooon..

Maybe you guys might want a better look @ these Blazer Sb Samples? Video and detailed photos coming soooooooooooooon.

Jeff said he'll be posting up pictures of his baby collection very sooooon.

these olives are looking might fresh!

These are just as nice as the Adult Sizes. Too bad Jeff's future kids won't even know their rocking heat.

Speaking of pickup's. The homie Mr. Park came through today to show Edouche his latest pickups. Not 1 but 2 Chambrey's from Union Here in Los Angeles. If you don't already know UnionLA is having a huge sale up to 60% off their Premium Japanese Goods.

You know Mr. Park had to pick up a Neighborhood and Visvim top. At the moment Union LA is the only place that carries these premium brands. But Keep your eyes and ears peeled I heard theres gonna be another shop poppin up SOON :)

Jeff was soo happy today that he recieved his Packages that he HOOKED up the homie Jorge with Nike Dunk Heineken SB's for $160.00!!! Worn in VERY GOOD condition.

"Good People, Helping Good People"

The happy customer on the right, Mr. Chang! Peep out Nabils pops on the right trying to get a little exposure on the blog.

Whats a HOOK UP without returning the favor? P-Dale crew came in with not 5 but 20 TACOS to feed everyone including Andre "the bum"! Imagine if everyone was giving and nice, LIFE would be so much easier for everyone!

Taco TACO tAcO!!!

If your in the LA Area make sure to head down to their family restuarant. DANIEL's Tacos

Make sure to mention RIF and you get free salsa!

Salsa/cilantro/onions for DAYs... SOO much salsa that Murad decided to bring home the left overs and make some homemade nachos at home!

Tacos were soo BOMB that we have to post MULTIPLE pics.
these tacos are about to be UN-Deadstocked.

A pleasent Monday to say the least. We received TOO much consignment today so stay UPDATED on the webshop for the next couple of days... You will definately not be dis-appointed.

-RIF334A #2


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