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Sep 22, 2010

future SOLE.

Today we wanted to showcase a special sneaker that we've had in the shop for a while now. We all know about all the AJ 1 releases that have been coming out for the past 2 years but we rarely get to see an AJ 1 as rare as these.

Our good friend Mr. Jordan(pun intended) received these shoes a gift from Jordan brand and decided it was time to part with a few unnecessary pieces of his AJ Collection( if these are unnecessary then we're dying to see what other heat he has)

Apparently these shoes are limited to 55 pairs in the WORLD and were given to friends and family of Jordan Brand.

You can't see from the pictures but the uppers are composed of a pearl and 3m material...the 3m is intertwined into a pattern that is almost invisible to see unless you are up close.
The tongue is slightly stuffed and longer then the upper heel cuff.
Clean...with a variety of white shades...in person you can hardly tell the color variation.
Future SOLE.
Here are additional pics for your viewing pleasure.

Please watch the VIDEO and subscribe to our YouTube Channel... with the one and only MUDOUCHE giving what he believes is a great showcase for these shoes.
sorry about the bad audio.


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