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Sep 1, 2010


Today was another successful wednesday. Today Sizzle and Kris PAKIN LA came through to chat it up and to our surprise Jr. Pak came along for the ride and decided to stunt on all of us and UN-DS a pair of Original AJ 4 Military's with the box!

The sad part is this single shoe would demolish 75% of the "collectors" out there. TRUTH.

You MAD.
Right across the street BIG BOY from Big Boys neighborhood was across the street cold chillin. If you don't know who he is...he's one of the biggest LA DJ Personalities. He used to be FAT Literally...he looked more like Medium Boy now.

I guess they were filming a commercial.

Just 4 feet from where they were filming... the FRENCH Dance Crew LOUFUCK were break dancing in front of the store windows. It was a hectic hour and half infront of the shop.

A few sneakerheads were chilling watching LOUFUCK...Some in Yeezy's

Jeff in his daily beaters.

Sizzle in his Kaws AM Current.
Loufuck's last pose before their flight back to France. Stop Buying all our AJ 5's. ha

mr. douchebag!

Nima...Rocking 2001 AJ 3's... Atleast he's not wearing his busted CDP 4's. Good Choice Nima.

Today another pair of VINTAGE GOODNESS came in. A small gift from a good friend recently was dropped of on the doorsteps of RIF.

A pair of '92 Air Trainer Huarache's ORIGINAL in the BOX.

Theres nothing like breaking out a FRESH Wearable pair of Huarache Trainers.

A Classic for any real collector. Harder to find then the Black and Grey version but perfect for the remainder of the summer days.
Perfect combination of white/oxden-prmvlt (whatever.. looks like black/olive green/purple and white) to me.
The clear netting on the top straps are not even yellowed!

If your an Original Collector then you'd remember this ad. I was 11 years old when I saw this ad in a magazine...i think it was a Sport's Ilustrated or Eastbay I dont remember where..but all I know is I needed these sneakers one day.

Did I mention they come in the original box.



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