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Sep 24, 2010

I WANNA . . .

Don't you love it when your friends or family goes out of the country and brings you back some exclusive candy? Well you know we do, especially when its CO JP. Kit Kats!!!

coca cola flavor, sprite flavor and your classic green tea....BOMB!

First Carlos blesses me with a baby olive ix, and the next day my good friend Victor blesses me with a semi bigger one, both DS. Dam you guys are dope, I appreciate yall. What a coincidence.......

Been knowing the homie Mario for a cool minute now, he knows everything about hip hop and hes all about it. Check out their website sometime!: The Cafeteria Line

Thank you for blessing our store ipod with some dope hip hop! Wheres Blu @ man?

"I don't know where Blu's @, but I do know about this TRUE OG"

Laptop filled with some of your best hip hop music, ima try and steal it next time!

$100.00 !?!? ... $ O L D!

HAPPY CUSTOMER. I would be too...

Edouche barely started his Tumblr and hes already posting like crazy.... when your too lazy to read, go check out eds visuals!

CLICK the pic!

Hands down the best Blazer Nike has ever came out with....OG Stussy Blazer TURBO PINK!!!

2nd best part of the shoe, the classic flat toe box....

R Z A came in rockin that exclusive ILNOJ tee, you got yours yet??

Couple sneaker shots . . . . .


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