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Sep 16, 2010


ESCO finally came through today to pick up the sample "Dirty Money" Blazers, when I say finally, i mean he finally visited the shop(Good meeting you bro) If your free this Saturday and in the Los Angeles area make sure to hit up "Urban Supremacy" Its definitely the event by and FOR sneakerheads. Peep the FLYER Below. You might see some of us there.

Make sure to save the Addy...say wsup to Ed and the staff!

Victor from UNION Los Angeles came by to chop it up and talk about the new goodies Union will be carrying very soon, stop by Union Los Angeles and say wsup to Victor for us!

(caught him off guard) o yea and Ed posted it vic!

What the hellz is going on with Edouches hair? Can someone hook him up, please...

What Edouche wore when he came to the shop this morning.
Kate MOSS X Vans Recalled. Not that bad looking.

Manny cleaning the fixtures. Working Hard.

The homie Pudge came by the shop today and made us a New Blog Banner. The last banner wasn't work friendly and the chick was ugly. If you dont know, the new banner is Little Tokyo back in the 1950s...

PUDGES sneaker shot, beat w/stark laces...oowee

The man himself PUDGE!

Just when you thought Edouche was changing his ways and started to wear Nike's again... he changed in to Loafers. AWWWWW mannnnnnn. Get that outta here. Girls really like this or what? -jeffs asking.

Manny and Juan. Changing their ways at a very young age . Since were in Little Tokyo CO.JP kicks all around.

Jeff on his new BIKE with his Matching Porche.

Jimmy came by...we wanted an artistic pic.
What Jimmy wore today.

The Shoewolf is always watching you.
What the Shoewolf wore today.
Remember JEFF is not working on FRIDAY, thats the only full day he spends with his lady. If he wants to talk with you he'll call you. -ED

Enjoy your evening.



esco777 said...

that's a good look! haha I look high!

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