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Sep 19, 2010

Urban Supremacy.

This past weekend a few of us made our way 3 blocks up the street to attend the first sneaker forum held in Downtown LA...Urban Supremacy.

Four of the top sneaker collectors here in Los Angeles discussed their ideas on current sneaker trends and what they believe sneaker companies need to pave the way for sneaker collectors to come.

Unlike most sneaker events. This event had no shoes for sale nor display. It was a simple forum where sneaker fiends congregated and basically talked/discussed... shoes.

To say the least it was an interesting event and was more in depth about personal reasons, and individual love about what we all share as a community...shoes.

whats any event without an Open Bar

Packed to the brim with sneaker aficionado's of all kinds. The best part was no one was too coollll. The event had a wide variety of collectors...some just starting ...others that have been in the game for decades.

Manny getting ready to discuss his thoughts on Japans fluctuating sneaker market and its validity in the Euro market's steady growth in Nike Air Max Running shoe sales bi-quarterly.

Manny just forgot what he was gonna say.

"smh"- paula.

Some random art on the wall.

The guest of honors
ShoeWolf, Afro_Kix , Esco, Franalations

Though working at RIF we meet some of the BIGGEST collectors out there. These four dudes are definitely in the TOP 10 when it comes to sneaker collecting. Real Stand UP gents.

Your boy ShoeWolf and EDouche

Free Tacos is always a good look. Nothing like Carne Asada tacos in the mean streets of Los Angeles.

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Forget your trendy over priced Fushion Tacos. These tacos hit the SPOT.
Jon REEeeee approved.

You never see Edouche at a sneaker event....but after the event he said it was actually "pretty fun."
Always Repping.

Super worker Manny with Super Photoshopper Paula

Though this event had NO sneakers on DISPLAY. You know sneakerheads would be there rocking heat.

Here are a few sneaker shots from the event.

ESCO in Sample Dirty Money Blazer

Sample Freddy Kruegar SB's and Playoff 12
Airmax 1 Parra
Entourage AirForce 1 and Gold Toe Quest Love.
Murad and Juan approved.
AJ Melo 12s

Our Good Friend Mr. Jordan. In Number (N)ine X Converse Odessa. TOO Dope.

Adidas X Neighborhood Boatshoe

Public Enemy x Supreme Skate HI.

Edouche wearing what he always wears. Atleast its better than his LV loafers.

A closer look at the Sample Freddy Kruegar sb dunk low.

Another look at the Sample Dirty Money SB Blazer

Rif staff, wheres Jeff and ED?

You now this event wouldn't be complete without a pic of our Favorite Intern. Money Makin Karl.


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