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Aug 28, 2009

Joyeux Loufuck from FRANCE

Every year our BBOY homies from France, also know as Joyeux Loufuck's, make sure to pick up some fresh kicks to break in right before their bboy competition.

Heres a little session they had in the store.  TOO bad EDouche made me cut out the part where he jumped in and started jerkin out of no where. funny guy lol

o yea, and big thanks to the bape los angeles fam


This guy got me into theshoegame.
Aug 27, 2009
Aug 25, 2009







90% of the time we are LOWER than our COMPETITORS. GOOD shoes, GOOD prices, support GOOD people.

Aug 23, 2009


Long story short, " sorry we don't do trades, especially not for your fake unkles"

seller: " they aren't fake, I bought them from a legit guy from Craigslist and he promised they were 100% authentic.

me: " well im telling you they are 100% FAKE homie and I actually have to confiscate them because they are counterfeit "

seller: " o shit really? "

me: ( in a serious tone) " on top of that, fake shoes support terrorism, so I gotta call the cops "

seller: " o ok take them, it was from my little homie anyways "

me: " yeaaaaaa.. sure, thanks "

" don't support fake shoes " - andre!

I really don't have the right to confiscate fake shoes, but if they really believe me and are ready to give it up, then why not! If I dont try and take em, then who knows whos feet they might end up on.
Aug 21, 2009

you snooz, you looze.

Jeff is the big boss hog. But what is the big boss without ma?

ANYWAYS, back to business...
Dont sleep on the web shop... we apologize if your ORDER and the shoes sell out. Don't be salty, thats the game.

Imagine 18 sneakerheads ordering the same NDS GRAPE 5's?

How many sneakerheads around the world are going to order that shoe? Your not going to be the only one. FUCK the picture requests... just ORDER that shit! F-It just order what your see, then call and ask for pics then if you dont want it... CALL US... then CANCEL your order, don't trip...customer number 2,3 4, 5,6,7... etc...has money ready to GO.

Imagine this email conversation: TRUE STORY.

Customer : "yo, you guys are shady, I ordered the @#$@% 3 am last night, WTF? F!@#2, you dudes...you dudes are shady...i just made a payment on my PLATINUM AMEX credit card and im good.. what eves. F^%$ Y$$#"

RIF: We are sorry for the inconvience, but the shoes that your ordered were previously ordered by someone that ordered before you, to compensate on your next order we will ship 2day shipping and give you a free RIF T, thank you again...and we look forward to your next order."

Customer: F*&^ you BI&^%S ...seriously you N&^%9S are shady...why you putting shoes on yo site and when I order...you say its sold out? seriously... Im RICH and have a fast car...i copped TIFs on ebay 2 days ago for only 2 bils...you N*&^*S are shady and put up shoes, then tell me its soldout...im
done. hahaha"

RIF: Again, we apologize for the inconvience, rest assure that on your next order we will be giving you 2 day priority and a free RIF T. Please follow our webshop closely."

Customer: F$^&# you N*&^%S, next time im gonna holla at my boy that lives in asia for kicks...F%$# your T. Im gonna drop my CAKE on supremes for 3 bills..ahahaha ($700)...chumps."

next time we get an email like this we ARE going to put you on blast...and since we're on a roll... if you bring FAKE kicks by the shop we will be putting your picture up.

was this guy serious?

...seriously we do our best to make everyone happy. BUT you snooz you looze.

like the old saying says...

funny animated gif

Aug 20, 2009


My good friends at LA LEMON is having a huge sale this weekend, so for all you late "back to school" shoppers, you definitely don't want to miss this.

Check out their line sheet on their BLOG.

Someone pick me up a " I LOVE LA " tee! ( LARGE HOLMES )

Aug 19, 2009

90 DAYS.


We live everyday thinking about what we wear, the kicks we sport, what others think about us, making money, SPENDING money we dont have just to impress people we don't know...

Imagine selling your OG AJ'3, 4's, 6's, ZOO YORKS, PARIS DUNK SB's, your collection... imagine?

...now imagine not caring, imagine your sister, brother, father, mother on their KNEES CRYING, NO Jo's, IMAGINE NOBODY BY YOUR SIDE.


ALL YOU HAVE IS HOPE.( word to shawshank redemption)

What is LIFE to YOU? WHAT IF you had 90 days?

Who would you want by your side?

WOULD YOU... want your worst enemy to have that feeling?

Today WE found out our BRO (a Hundreds, Crooks, Rogue streetwear/sneakerhead) was diagnosed with CANCER. That same person we camped out with, that person that we bought/traded kicks with on ISS, NT, NSB, that dude who was rocking TIFFANY SB's at your local mall, the BRO that you can have a simple conversation with about the next JORDAN release and how WACK Nike has become. OUR BRO is diagnosed with CANCER.

what can WE DO as a community?

what can YOU do?


stay tuned.

Aug 18, 2009


AJ 3 white/cement is set to come out again in 2010 in a package with the AJ 2 white/black/red.  I'm not surprised at all, they are literally coming out with all the classics, what's next?

Aug 15, 2009


I think Jeff needs to break out another pair already, what yall think?

Ed recently became a blood, call ed by his new aka, " EDouche THE KILLA "

keep it fruity
Big Mac and Little Mac came down to the store to pick up some kicks that were donated by local sneakerheads. Big Mac works @ the mission on first street, so if you ever come across him, make sure to say wutup.

Also if any of ya'll want to donate shoes to people who might need it more, your welcome to bring them by and we'll call Mac to pick em up.
Manny came down to cop this exclusive tee that I made about 3 or 4 years ago, " FUCK YOUR SNEAKERS ". I stumbled upon a bag of " mess up " shirts in my garage and I thought I'd bring it to the store and just give it away to our locals.

There was a bunch of " buying fake shoes support terrorism " tees! ALL GONE. But I'm in the process of making a whole run of them in all your favorite colorways.

Moe's lazy dog enjoying our filthy floor.
Well, well.. look who's back @ RIF after coming out of " the program ". Homie GANGSTER KEV came down to show us he's still alive and that hes on his way to a positive life. He came in rockin some fresh aj 11 lows, like wuhhhh.

We had to hook him up with a Supreme hat since hes from NY. You already know I can't wear anything that has NY on it, nothing personal, but I don't understand it when Los Angeles cats rock NY hats acting like they were born their.

I was born in Los Angeles, so I gotta stay reppin LOS ANGELES!

peep the close up, sneaker shot of the day?
Had to hook GANGSTA KEV with some kicsk ofcourse.
So we stumbled upon some beat up blazers in the back.

J HU$TLE, born in NY, raised in LA. TOO much PAPER, not TOO much size 13 though!
Everyone enjoy your last couple weeks of Summer because it sure went by TOO fast.

Aug 14, 2009


Everyday at RIF LA, our first task is to pack all of the online orders before UPS arrives. As we were packing these shoes, we stumbled upon some extra goodies under the shoe paper. The goodies, consisted of 2 adult porno dvds that we have pictures of below.

I think it would have been funny if we left it in the box for the customer, but who knows who bought these shoes, might be a little kid or something so we just tossed em. We've found some random stuff in shoe boxes before, but finding porno dvds was a first.

We made sure to CENSOR the nudity because we have a lot of kids under 18 looking at our blog.

We urge people not to leave porno dvds in their shoe boxes because it may end up in the wrong hands.

10 MAN lol

cherry boxxx lol
Aug 13, 2009

WHAT THE ............

Another day @ RIF LA, NIJIYA market located right across the street never fails me when I need a quick plate to grub on.

Pop it in the microwave for a minute and its ready to go.

Trying to kick back on soda and drink some 0 calorie green tea.

Guess who came by to swing by RIF before he went to perform at "Americas Most Wanted" tour with Lil Wayne.


Check out these blazer we just got in, its suppose to release 2010. I think they call it the cali blazer. Pretty clean in person. Sample size 9, get it @ RIF for $150.00

So this cat came in trying to have us sell some what the dunks for him, but these are probably the worse fake dunks I've ever seen. I told the kid I had to confiscate it or I had to call the cops lol. Well he believed me and watched me split his shoes with my blade. Quality is so horrible that it felt like splitting a bar of butter.

split right down the middle.

Heres our personal pair that we keep @ the shop.
Aug 12, 2009


Today our boy JayK finished up his music video here at R.I.F. If you don't know then your slippin. JayK is wrapping up his mixtape entitled, "starting from the finishline" and to top it off his mixtape single entitled "hidaway" was just filmed and post preduction is in full effect.

JayK's single with BIGSean (PAPER CHASER) is gaining momentum and its only a matter of time JayK becomes a household name.

Here are a few pics. ENJOY

pics courtesy of VIDOL

Even our man CURT@!N$, came through to make a cameo.

Stay Educated, peep the vids.

Should of shot this one below on the real side of Los Angeles.

good people, support good people.

stay tuned.

Aug 9, 2009


Lots of worn kicks came in.

what jeff wore, what he wears almost everyday.

eds everyday beater
Anyone remember when these dropped at all Vans retailers? Well they only lasted a day because they were threatened with a suitcase by kate moss, size 11 yall! I think I might have to buy these babies.

Someone got free shoes and brought it here, dirt cheap toooo
...shootin another music video...