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Aug 13, 2009

WHAT THE ............

Another day @ RIF LA, NIJIYA market located right across the street never fails me when I need a quick plate to grub on.

Pop it in the microwave for a minute and its ready to go.

Trying to kick back on soda and drink some 0 calorie green tea.

Guess who came by to swing by RIF before he went to perform at "Americas Most Wanted" tour with Lil Wayne.


Check out these blazer we just got in, its suppose to release 2010. I think they call it the cali blazer. Pretty clean in person. Sample size 9, get it @ RIF for $150.00

So this cat came in trying to have us sell some what the dunks for him, but these are probably the worse fake dunks I've ever seen. I told the kid I had to confiscate it or I had to call the cops lol. Well he believed me and watched me split his shoes with my blade. Quality is so horrible that it felt like splitting a bar of butter.

split right down the middle.

Heres our personal pair that we keep @ the shop.


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