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Aug 7, 2009

keep it moving.

So me and guys at RIF spent some quality time together. Jeff "MONEY" treated us to FOOD and DRANK... We talked about the gifts and curses of our lives and honestly we are all SET. Jb with Kat, Jeff with Kaye, Ed and Saem, you and your wifey...Its soo Karamo (AYO, word to CAM) but honestly we're good, your good... No breezy's can distract us from what's real..."we dont think your beautiful, we think your beyond it".


...during work, we started conversating about our past experiences, We realized that a JO is a JO but #1 cant be replaced. How may times have you been the bad DUDE but wifey had your back? We can all relate, no matter how much we have a HISSY FIT about the kicks we buy, the cheese we spend, how FUHHed we've been, wifey's ALWAYS has our back, right? No matter how many HOME WRECKERS, slats, or SALTY B's try to wreck house, #1 has always stayed classy, mature, civilized, and stood tall.

This post is for YOU, for all RIF fam, for all the classy ladies, for all mature B's we luhhh you.

Steve at ARCHRIVAL, had a good point...even breezy's need to be let down softly... like that ticking bomb...cause as soon as you rough B up, shits gonna blow up.

BREEZY'S this for you, now GTFO.


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