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Aug 15, 2009


I think Jeff needs to break out another pair already, what yall think?

Ed recently became a blood, call ed by his new aka, " EDouche THE KILLA "

keep it fruity
Big Mac and Little Mac came down to the store to pick up some kicks that were donated by local sneakerheads. Big Mac works @ the mission on first street, so if you ever come across him, make sure to say wutup.

Also if any of ya'll want to donate shoes to people who might need it more, your welcome to bring them by and we'll call Mac to pick em up.
Manny came down to cop this exclusive tee that I made about 3 or 4 years ago, " FUCK YOUR SNEAKERS ". I stumbled upon a bag of " mess up " shirts in my garage and I thought I'd bring it to the store and just give it away to our locals.

There was a bunch of " buying fake shoes support terrorism " tees! ALL GONE. But I'm in the process of making a whole run of them in all your favorite colorways.

Moe's lazy dog enjoying our filthy floor.
Well, well.. look who's back @ RIF after coming out of " the program ". Homie GANGSTER KEV came down to show us he's still alive and that hes on his way to a positive life. He came in rockin some fresh aj 11 lows, like wuhhhh.

We had to hook him up with a Supreme hat since hes from NY. You already know I can't wear anything that has NY on it, nothing personal, but I don't understand it when Los Angeles cats rock NY hats acting like they were born their.

I was born in Los Angeles, so I gotta stay reppin LOS ANGELES!

peep the close up, sneaker shot of the day?
Had to hook GANGSTA KEV with some kicsk ofcourse.
So we stumbled upon some beat up blazers in the back.

J HU$TLE, born in NY, raised in LA. TOO much PAPER, not TOO much size 13 though!
Everyone enjoy your last couple weeks of Summer because it sure went by TOO fast.



DREW said...


Still awaiting my RIF Tee! I see this kids got one on.
Black Grey and White please....so fresh out the box. Give me a shout. AAAAAALohA.

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