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Nov 29, 2010


If you ever step into the walls of RIF, you know we stay bumpin 2 of our favorite artists/supporters all day, Kendrick Lamar n SchoolboyQ. The whole TDE camp is definitely doin big things and we're always glad to be a part of the movement.

Nov 25, 2010


We will be having a small BLACK FRIDAY SALE where only a selected 250 pairs will be discounted and will only be available INSTORE. We will be opening @ 12:00 PM, so that gives you time to hit up all the other BLACK FRIDAY SALES. There are a few guidelines to follow so that you can be eligible to purchase something from our BLACK FRIDAY SALE(see details below).

We honestly can't say we have something for everyone, but we will update only 150 pairs onto the website for the 25TH to give you an idea what will be in the store, and the rest of the 100 pairs will be left for your imagination. Shoes will be backed to original price on Saturday.

This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Please read the details below so you can be eligible and more informed about our BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Please read carefully:

1. BLACK FRIDAY items will be CASH ONLY (plus TAX).

2. We will be limiting 3 pairs per customer and we will be letting 5 people in at a time.

3. For items over $100.00, it will be mandatory to purchase 1 RIF LA t-shirt @ regular price ($24.00).


We really do meet a lot of great people at the shop and we are THANKFUL for all of you. Our good friend Ping, who's one of Manny Pacquiao's personal photographers, dropped by and surprised us with a personal gift for the shop. He blessed us with a photograph of Manny Pacquiao that he had personally autographed to RIF LA and another photograph that he personally took during the fight in Dallas against Antonio Margarito.

Nov 22, 2010


Our good friend from Nike decided to give us an early Christmas gift. An un-released AF1 "Lakers" Sample. 1 of 1 sample.

A perfect match for our Nike Dunk Hi Laker SB Sample.

Covered in Laker inspired colors and a FELT Nike Swoosh makes this shoe one of our favorite AF1's to date.


You ever wonder what deals pop up at the shop on a everyday basis? Well most of the time, DEALS OF THE DAYS only last a few minutes in our store and all of a sudden its gone from our web shop. So don't blame us for items being SOLD, blame those shoe heads who stay updated on our website and make sure to sniper all the good deals.

Heres a few DEALS that slipped away from A LOT of peoples hands, first come, first serve!

Nov 18, 2010


We here at RIF not only try our best to give the best customer service/prices out there, but we also try our best to help the less fortunate of Los Angeles. If you dont remember we are accepting shoes DAILY for donations to for the needy of LA. So please feel free to come by the shop and drop off shoes OR cloths that you no longer have no need for, we'll take care of the rest.

Leading by example, thanks again brotha. Dope ARCH tee btw.


A good friend of ours dropped off 51 pairs from his personal collection, mostly worn just a few times and its MOSTLY sbs with just a few other randoms. All priced very reasonable and they are moving too fast, so if your a size 10, then stop by ASAPs or Click HERE.

Nov 17, 2010


Changing up the display cases everyday, pick up some RIF lighters, maybe a pair of OG Stussy Blazers, what the hell..how about some WHAT THE DUNKS!?

Nov 16, 2010



The closer we get to December, the more shoes we get FLOODED with everyday from our loyal consignment sellers and who doesn't need a little extra money for the Holidays? We've been getting a good consistent 40+ pairs a day from all types of shoe collectors, you got your basketball shoe collectors to your nike sb fanatics, etc.

Nov 15, 2010
Nov 12, 2010

TIRON - 1NE (Video)

Check out Tirons latest video " 1NE "(Directed By Jerome D) off his MSTRD Mixtape, probably one of my favorite tracks off that tape. If you ain't PUSHING WEIGHT, you ain't doing nothin!, support real music.
Nov 10, 2010


RIO from LA AVENUE is back again and it looks like he'll be coming almost every month and eventually HEFFEs gonna be going to Japan every month very soon. We PUSHING WEIGHT from TOKYO to LOS ANGELES.


Nov 7, 2010


While were waiting for the blog layout to be fully get up and running we thought it would be good to continue our daily blogging instead of waiting. Our friends below came down to Los Angeles to finish up celebrating the San Francisco Giants huge win! These guys make their way down about every 2-3 months just to cop some fresh kicks. They said, "Maybe 1 day Dodgers, 1 day.."

These guys below were being real loud & obnoxious bringing in their goodies for consignment :)

Nov 3, 2010


OUR BLOG will temporarily down for 48 Hours due to some minor upgrades.

Thank you again for all your support and we'll see you in a FEW Hours.

best regards and respect,

Nov 2, 2010


It was a fun filled Halloween weekend. Met some new customers and old friends.
Our good friend Jon came through today and made sure to purchase a TEE.
Good to see you Jon.



check out one our homies DRESIZZLE chillin at the Old GREYONE
Nov 1, 2010


Once a month, Team 334A goes out and have dinner together. Or at least to hang out.
We decided to go to Applebee's in Alhambra where Carl used to live.

Jello brain!

Murad - 005 W)Taps x Vans Chukka.
Me - Supreme x Nike Sb Bruin.

Applebee's 2 for $20.
Hmm, that's a good deal!

We basically paired up into 2 for the 2 for $20 deal.
Manny & Paula.

Carl & Juan.

Me & Murad.
Way too serious...

(No, we are not related/brothers. Just wore almost the same clothes, but same brands. Haha.)

Getting our orders down.
Still wondering what's our waitress's costume. Haha.

Oh yeah, our waitress got this weird idea of how she could identify which drinks are diet and regular soda by putting 2 straws to mark it as "diet" soda and 1 straw for regular.
Kind of clever though. Haha.


While waiting for the appetizers, we played the "basketball" game to keep us occupied.

Manny & Paula got Mozzarella sticks.
Murad, Carl, Juan and I got x 2 Boneless Buffalo Wings.

Paula is eating her mozzarella sticks with a fork.
"Oh you fancy huh?" Haha.

Murad's plate - Provolone Stuffed Meatballs with Fettuccine.

My plate - 7 oz. House Sirloin with Mashed potatoes & Onion Rings.
And I got a garlic bread stick for some reason. Haha.

Juan's bowl - Three-Cheese Chicken Penne.

Manny's bowl - Three-Cheese Chicken Penne.

Paula's bowl - Three-Cheese Chicken Penne.

Carl's basket - Chicken Tenders Basket.

Having a chat.

Heading back to the parking lot...

Saying farewells until next time.

And then...
Murad gets sandwiched. Haha. Well, Murad likes it rough though. Haha.

Juan gives it a "2-thumbs up" & Manny is super happy. Murad is acting like he didn't enjoyed being sandwiched. Carl is just surprised after what just happened. Haha.

Manny mobile.

Last thing, spotted a DeLorean parked inside the parking structure (the one by RIF).
Hmm, whose DeLorean is this?


Rif LA Shoe Store from Jon Santos on Vimeo.

The good peoples from Str8 Laced came by the shop about 8 months ago to film a quick video of the shop and do a little interview with RIFs Very own, EDouche. Big shouts to Peter, Joe and Jon for making this happen. The store is A LOT more packed now btw! Enjoy...