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Nov 17, 2010


Changing up the display cases everyday, pick up some RIF lighters, maybe a pair of OG Stussy Blazers, what the hell..how about some WHAT THE DUNKS!?

334A tees, shops personal favorite and this colorway is pretty clean, but too bad its a sample.

Simon Lee came down to chat it up with Edouche and pick up a few more ZAPATO Gang tees, very good dude!

WDYWT Edouche? LUKE MEIER Zero Lows (Thanks Vic for the FREE pair)

Jeff said hes never read a book his whole life, hes been reading sneaker related books and magazines pretty much his whole life. His sneaker book/magazine collezione is pretty DEEP too.


I don't even know what comment to put on this picture, so feel free to put your own lol...

another sample?! a LAKERS AF1 Sample that is...will post more detailed pictures tomorrow and possibly another video review :) (Thanks to our GOOD friend for hooking the shop up with this gem, FOR FREE :)

Arturo and his best bud stay showing love for all the staff @ RIF, thanks for the grubb... too bomb my friend!

Yes BOMB, especially the french fries under the chicken that absorbed all the juices ...oman!

HUF AIR MAX 1 is probably 1 of my top favorite air max 1s, well put together HUF!

Your probably wondering who's been picking up all our air maxes in a size 10.5...well its the homie HAWK below big chillin with his homies and daughter.


mOOOOOOrad is addicted to these O R E O sticks, someone buy him a couple boxes for Christmas... he'll be the happiest arab/filipino boy ever.

EDouche got himself an early Christmas present, a HUF peacoat right on time for the Holidays. Shouts to SWEETS @ HUF for the hoooook up! Good peoples @ HUF!


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